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Éditeur Ubisoft
Développeur Ubisoft

Date de sortie PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
18 octobre 2011 (É.-U.)

27 septembre 2012 (Europe)
16 octobre 2012 (É.-U.)
18 octobre 2012 (Europe)

Genre jeu de rythme
Plate-forme Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Rocksmith est un jeu de rythme produit par Ubisoft sorti en octobre 2011 aux États-Unis et en septembre 2012 en Europe.

Le joueur dirige un guitariste et doit parvenir à jouer des chansons de rock avec le moins de fausses notes possible en utilisant une vraie guitare comme accessoire de jeu unique.

Liste de morceaux[modifier | modifier le code]

Chanson Artiste Date de sortie
"House of the Rising Sun" The Animals 1964
"When I'm with You" Best Coast 2010
"I Got Mine" The Black Keys 2008
"Next Girl" The Black Keys 2010
"Song 2" Blur 1997
"Step Out of the Car" The Boxer Rebellion 2011
"Sunshine of Your Love" Cream 1967
"We Share the Same Skies" The Cribs 2009
"Boys Don't Cry" The Cure 1979
"I Want Some More" Dan Auerbach 2009
"Rebel Rebel" David Bowie 1974
"I Can't Hear You" The Dead Weather 2010
"Run Back to Your Side" Eric Clapton 2010
"Take Me Out" Franz Ferdinand 2004
"Do You Remember" The Horrors 2009
"I Miss You" Incubus 1999
"Slow Hands" Interpol 2004
"Angela" Jarvis Cocker 2009
"Well OK Honey" Jenny O 2010
"Use Somebody" Kings of Leon 2008
"Are You Gonna Go My Way" Lenny Kravitz 1993
"Surf Hell" Little Barrie 2011
"Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974
"Unnatural Selection" Muse 2009
"Plug In Baby" Muse 2001
"In Bloom" Nirvana 1991
"Breed" Nirvana 1991
Where Is My Mind? Pixies 1988
"Go With the Flow" Queens of the Stone Age 2002
"High and Dry" Radiohead 1995
"California Brain" RapScallions 2011
"Number Thirteen" Red Fang 2011
"Higher Ground" Red Hot Chili Peppers 1989
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" The Rolling Stones 1965
"The Spider and the Fly" The Rolling Stones 1965
"Play with Fire" The Rolling Stones 1965
"Gobbledigook" Sigur Rós 2008
"Panic Switch" Silversun Pickups 2009
"Outshined" Soundgarden 1991
"Me and the Bean" Spoon 2001
"Between the Lines" Stone Temple Pilots 2010
"Vasoline" Stone Temple Pilots 1994
"Under Cover of Darkness" The Strokes 2011
"Mean Bitch" Taddy Porter 2010
"A More Perfect Union" Titus Andronicus 2010
"Good Enough" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 2010
"Slither" Velvet Revolver 2004
"Burnished" White Denim 2011
"Icky Thump" The White Stripes 2007
"Islands" The xx 2009
"Chimney" The Yellow Moon Band 2009

Chansons bonus :

Chanson Artiste Date de sortie
"Ricochet" Brian Adam McCune 2011
"Boss" Chris Lee 2011
"Space Ostrich" Disonaur 2011
"Jules" Seth Chapla 2011
"The Star Spangled Banner" Seth Chapla 2011
"Six AM Salvation" Versus Them 2011

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