Rina Banerjee

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Rina Banerjee est une artiste plasticienne contemporaine née en 1963 à Calcutta en Inde. Elle vit et travaille à [[New York]].

Expositions personnelles[modifier | modifier le code]

  • 2011 Musée Guimet, Paris
  • 2010 Forever foreign, Haunch of Venison, London, England
  • 2010 Without face: Cultivating the foreign, Armory Show, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, New York, USA
  • 2010 Wild Things, Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense, Danemark
  • 2009 Look into my eyes…, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Brussel, Belgium
  • 2009 Allure, Gallery Espace, New Delhi, India
  • 2008 Art Unlimited, Galerie Obadia, Paris, Art Basel 39, Basel, Switzerland
  • 2007 The Wilderness Within, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin
  • 2007 Tokyo Wonder Site, curated by Kayoko Lemura, Shibuya-Tokyo
  • 2007 Shcontemporary, solo show Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Shanghai, China
  • 2007 Foreign Fruit, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris
  • 2006 Silver pearl girls and Gardens, VOLTA show 02, NP Gallery, Basel
  • 2006 Fantasies Without Travel Will Travel, AMT Gallery, Como, Italy
  • 2002 Phantasmal Pharmacopeia, curated by Suzette Min, Painted Bride Art center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 2001 Phantasmal Pharmacopeia, Debs & Co. ;New York, USA
  • 2001 Antenna, Bose Pacia Modern, New York, USA
  • 2010 San Jose museum of art, San Jose, California
  • 2010 Finding India, Moca, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2010 Devi Foundation, Delhi, Inde
  • 2010 Roundabout, City gallery Wellington, New Zealand
  • 2010 Bring me a Lion, Hunt Gallery, Webster University, St. Louis, MO, USA
  • 2010 Fantasmagoria, le monde mythique, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France
  • 2010 The road of marvels, path of elegance, Boghossian Foundation, Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2009 Marvellous reality, oganized by Gallery Espace, at Lalit Kala Academi, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi
  • 2009 Rina Banerjee & Raquid Shaw, Thomas Gibson Ltd., London UK
  • 2009 Anomalies, Rossi & Rossi gallery, London, Commissaire Jaishri Abindanchi
  • 2009 Wonderland-Through the looking glass, Kade, Amersfoot, Nederland
  • 2009 Mythologies, Haunch & Venison, London, England
  • 2008 Pretty is as pretty does, by Laura Heon, Site Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
  • 2008 Dyed Roots: the new emergence of culture, curated by Camilla Singh, Mocca Toronto, (Museum of contemporary Canadian Art).
  • 2008 Les Fleurs du Mal, (The flowers of evil still bloom), Cueto Project, New York
  • 2008 Distant Nearmess, The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Bruce Hartman, Overland Park, Kansas City, USA.
  • 2008 Gallery Bodhi Art, Mumbai, War is everywhere, Inde, curated by Shaheen Merali.
  • 2008 Indian Focus, Espace Claude Berri, Paris.
  • 2008 Smithsonian Museum, Sackler Museum of Asian Art, Washington, USA
  • 2008 Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, Kansas city, with Rina Banerjee, Barti Kher and Subhod Gupta,
  • 2008 Dessins de la Collection Florence et Daniel Guerlain, services culturels, Ambassade de France, New York, USA
  • 2008 Exploding the Lotus, Co-curated by Jaishri Abichandani and Jane Hart, Art and Culture Center for Hollywood, USA.
  • 2007 An Archeology, The Anita Zabludowicz Art Collection, London
  • 2007 I fear I believe, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
  • 2006 Frieze Art fair 2006, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, London
  • 2006 Berlin Art Forum 2006, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin
  • 2006 Sheboygan, John Micheal Kohler Arts Center, Wisconsin, USA
  • 2006 Tsumari-Echigo Exhibition 3rd Triennial, Japan, curated by Fram Kitawaga
  • 2005 Black Moon Island, One in the Other - Contemporary International Drawing, London, UK
  • 2005 Agra, Peabody Essex Museum, curated by Karina Corrigan, w/catalog,Salem, Massachusetts, USA
  • 2005 Looking in the Eye of the Beholder, Rotunda Gallery, curated by Janine Cirincione, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2005 Greater New York Show, PS1/Moma, curated by Klaus Biesenbach and staff, w/catalog (essay by Sarah Keesler), Queens, New York
  • 2005 Fatal Love: Exhibition of South Asian Contemporary Art Now, Queens Museum of Art, curated by Peranna Reddy and Jaishri Achandani, Queens, New York
  • 2005 Suspended Ornament, Suite 106 Gallery, New York, USA
  • 2005 Smack-Mellon, Sunset/Sunrise, curated by Courtney Martin and Amanda Church, w/catalog, Smack-Mellon Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2005 Space, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2004 Open House, Brooklyn Museum of Art, curated by Charlotta Kotic, w/catalog, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2004 Specificity, Riva Gallery, curated by Donald Odita, w/catalog, New York, New York
  • 2003 K48 Klubhouse, Deitch Projects, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2003 Yankee Remix, Artists Take on New England Massachusetts, Museum of Modern Art, curated by Laura Heon, North Adams, Massachusetts
  • 2003 ARCO, curated by Omar Chahoud Lopez, w/catalog, Madrid
  • 2003 5 x 5 Contemporary Art on Contemporary Artists, curated by Shamim Momin, w/catalog, Whitney Museum of American Art, Phillip Morris Space,New York
  • 2000 Whitney Museum of American Art, Whitney Biennial 2000, w/catalog, New York
  • 2000 Au Weidersien, Admit One Gallery, Chelsea, New York
  • 2000 Exoticism was for sale, Prokect room, Debs and Company
  • 2000 Good Business is the Best Art, Bronx Museum, curated by Lydia Yee and Marisol Nieves, Bronx, New York
  • 1999 R.A.W. Bodies of Resistance, curated by Barbara Hunt w/catalog, Hartford, Connecticut
  • 1997 A.I.M. (Artists in the Market Place), Bronx Museum, curated by Marisol Nieves and Lydia Yee, Bronx, New York

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