E. D. E. N. Southworth

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E. D. E. N. Southworth
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Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth, née le , et décédée le , est une romancière américaine. Elle a écrit plus de 60 ouvrages dans la dernière partie du XIXe siècle, et fut probablement l'auteur la plus lue de cette période.

Bibliographie[modifier | modifier le code]

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  • The Deserted Wife (1850)
  • The Mother-in-Law; or The Isle of Rays (1851)
  • Shannondale (1851)
  • Virginia and Magdalene; or The Foster Sisters (1852)
  • The Discarded Daughter; or the Children of the Ilse: A Tale of the Chesapeake (1852)
  • The Curse of Clifton (1852)
  • Old Neighborhoods and New Settlements; or Christmas Evening Legends (1853)
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  • Miriam the Avenger (The sequel to The Missing Bride) (1856)
  • The Widow's Son (1856)
  • India: The Pearl of Pearl River (1856)
  • Viva; or The Secret of Power (1857)
  • The Lady of the Isle; or, The Island Princess (1859)
  • The Haunted Homestead and Other Nouvellettes (1860)
  • The Gipsy's Prophecy: A Tale of Real Life (1861)
  • Hickory Hall; or The Outcast: A Romance of the Blue Ridge (1861)
  • The Broken Engagement; or, Speaking theTruth for a Day (1862)
  • Love's Labor Won (1862)
  • The Fatal Marriage (1863)
  • The Bridal Eve (1864)
  • Allworth Abbey (1865)
  • The Bride of Llewellyn (1866)
  • The Fortune Seeker; or, The Bridal Day (1866)
  • The Coral Lady; or The Bronzed Beauty of Paris (1867)
  • Fair Play; or The Test of Lone Isle (1868)
  • How He Won Her: A Sequel to Fair Play (1969)
  • The Changed Brides (1869)
  • The Brides Fate: A Sequel to "The Changed Brides" (1869)
  • The Family Doom; or The Sin of a Countess (1869)
  • The Maiden Widow: A Sequel to the "Family Doom" (1870)
  • The Christmas Guest; or The Crime and the Curse (1870)
  • Cruel as the Grave (1871)
  • Tried for Her Life (1871)
  • The Lost Heir of Linlithgow (1872)
  • The Noble Lord: The Sequel to "The Lost Heir of Linlithgow (1872)
  • A Beautiful Fiend; or, Through the Fire (1873)
  • Victor's Triumphs: The Sequel to "A Beautiful Fiend" (1874)
  • Ishmael; or, In the Depths (1876)
  • Self-Raised; or, From the Depths: A Sequel to "Ishmael." (1876)
  • The Red Hill Tragedy: A Novel (1877)
  • The Bride's Ordeal: A Novel (1877)
  • Her Love or Her Life: A Sequel to "The Bride's Ordeal: A Novel (1877)
  • Sybil Brotherton: A Novel (1879)
  • The Trail of the Serpent; or, The Homicide at Hawke Hall (1880)
  • Why Did He Wed Her? (1881)
  • For Whose Sake? A Sequel to "Why Did He Wed Her?" (1884)
  • A Deed Without a Name (1886)
  • Dorothy Harcourt's Secret: Sequel to a "A Deed Without a Name." (1886)
  • To His Fate: A Sequel to "Dorothy Harcourt's Secret" (no date)
  • When Love Gets Justice: A Sequel "To His Fate." (no date)
  • The Hidden Hand (1888)
  • A Leap in the Dark: A Novel (1889)
  • Unknown; or the Mystery of Raven Rocks (1889)
  • Nearest and Dearest: A Novel (1889)
  • Little Nea's Engagement: A Sequel to "Nearest and Dearest." (1889)
  • For Woman's Love: A Novel (1890)
  • An Unrequited Love: a Sequel to For Woman's Love (1890)
  • The Lost Lady of Lone (1890)
  • The Unloved Wife: A Novel (1890)
  • When the Shadow's Darken: A Sequel to the Unloved Wife (no date)
  • Lilith: A Sequel to "The Unloved Wife" (1891)
  • Gloria: A Novel (1891)
  • David Lindsay: A Sequel to Gloria (1891)
  • "Em": A Novel (1892)
  • Em's Husband (1892)
  • The Mysterious Marriage: A Sequel to "A Leap in the Dark" (1893)
  • A Skeleton in the Closet: A Novel (1893)
  • Brandon Coyle's Wife: A Sequel to "A Skeleton in the Closet" (1893)
  • Only a Girl's Heart: A Novel (1893)
  • The Rejected Bride (1894)
  • Gertrude Haddon (1894)
  • Sweet Love's Atonement: A Novel (1904)
  • Zenobia's Suitors: Sequel to Sweet Love's Atonement (1904)
  • The Struggle of a Soul: A Sequel to "The Lost Lady of Lone" (1904)
  • Her Mother's Secret (1910)
  • Love's Bitterest Cup: A Sequel to Her Mother's Secret" (1910)
  • When Shadow's Die: A Sequel to "Love's Bitterest Cup" (1910)

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