Discographie de David Liebman

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Cette page décrit la discographie de David Liebman, saxophoniste de jazz[1].

En tant que leader ou coleader[modifier | modifier le code]

Année d'enregistrement Année de sortie Titre Artiste principal label Pays de sortie Notes
1970 1975 Night Scapes David Liebman/Carvel Six CBS/Sony Japon[2]
1972 1973 Open Sky Open Sky Trio (Dave Liebman, Frank Tusa, Bob Moses) PM USA
1973 1973 First Visit David Liebman Philips/Nippon Phonogram Japon
1973 1974 Lookout Farm David Liebman ECM Records Allemagne
1973 1975 Spirit In The Sky Open Sky Trio (Dave Liebman, Frank Tusa, Bob Moses) P.M. USA
1974 1975 Drum Ode David Liebman ECM Records Allemagne
1975 Ljubljana Jazz Festival ’75: Na Koncertinom Podiju Artistes divers Jugoton Yougoslavie
1975 1975 Sweet Hands David Liebman A&M/Horizon USA
1975 Live From Onkel Po’s Carnegie Hall-New jazz Festival Hamburg-’75 Artistes divers Polydor Europe
1975 1976 Forgotten Fantasies David Liebman/Richard Beirach A&M/Horizon USA
1975 Lookout Farm Live David Liebman/Richard Beirach A&M/Horizon USA
1976 1977 Light’n Up Please David Liebman A&M/Horizon USA
1976 1981 What’s New David Liebman Tobacco Road Allemagne également sorti sous le nom de Linc Chamberland, A Place Within
1976 1979 The Last Call David Liebman Ego Allemagne
1976 The Duo Live David Liebman/Richie Beirach
1978 1979 Pendulum David Liebman Artist’s House USA
1978 2008 Mosaic Select 32: Pendulum, Live at the Village Vanguard David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Randy Brecker/Al Foster/Frank Tusa Mosaic Records USA[3]
1978 1978 Omerta David Liebman/Richie Beirach Trio Records Japon
1979 1979 The Opal Heart David Liebman Enja Allemagne
1979 1980 Doin’ It Again David Liebman Timeless Pays-Bas
1979 1980 Dedications David Liebman CMP Allemagne
1979 1980 What It Is David Liebman Columbia USA
1980 1981 If They Only Knew David Liebman quintet Timeless Pays-Bas
1981 1981 Fusion Super Jam: Aurex Jazz ’81 Collectif EWJ 80210 Japon[4]
1981 1983 Memories, Dreams And Reflections David Liebman (solo) P.M. Records USA
1981 1982 Quest Quest (en) (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/George Mraz/Al Foster) Trio Records Japon
1983 1983 "Lieb": Close-Up David Liebman Contempo Vibrato USA
1983 1991 Spirit Renewed David Liebman/Bob Moses (en)/Eddie Gómez Owl Records France[5]
1984 1984 Sweet Fury David Liebman quartet From Bebop to Now Canada
1985 1985 Picture Show David Liebman PM Records USA
1985 1985 Double Edge David Liebman/Richard Beirach Storyville Danemark
1985 1991 The Duo Live David Liebman/Richard Beirach Advance Music Allemagne
1985 1986 The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Runner David Liebman (solo) CMP Allemagne
1986 1986 Quest II Quest (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) Storyville Danemark
1987 1987 Homage To John Coltrane David Liebman Owl Records France
1987 1988 Midpoint. Quest III: Live At The Montmartre Copenhagen Denmark Quest (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) Storyville Danemark
1987 1988 The Energy Of The Chance David Liebman With Dave Love and Friends Heads Up USA
1987 1988 Tribute To John Coltrane - Live Under The Sky Wayne Shorter/Eddie Gómez/Jack DeJohnette/Dave Liebman/Richie Beirach Columbia Records USA
1988 New York Nights Quest Pan Japon
1988 1988 Trio + One David Liebman Owl Records France
1988 1988 Natural Selection Quest (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) Evidence USA
1989 1992 Play the music of Cole Porter David Liebman/Steve Gilmore/Bill Goodwin Red Records Italie
1989 Timeline David Liebman Owl/EMI France
1989 1990 Chant David Liebman/Richard Beirach CMP Allemagne
1989 1990 Nine Again David Liebman/Franco D’Andrea Red Records Italie
1989 1995 Tomorrow’s Expectations David Liebman FMC Irlande
1989 1990 The Blessing Of The Old, Long Sound David Liebman New Sound Planet Italie
1990 1991 The Tree David Liebman Soul Note Italie
1990 1990 One Of A Kind David Liebman Line Records Allemagne
1990 1990 Of One Mind Quest (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) CMP Allemagne
1990 1990 West Side Story Today David Liebman/Gil Goldstein (en) Owl Records France
1990 1990 Live In Lille Artistes divers (Michel Portal, David Liebman, Trilok Gurtu, Mino Cinelu) Sari Seeri France
1991 1991 Classic Ballads David Liebman Candid Royaume-Uni
1991 1991 Classique David Liebman Owl/EMI France
1992 1993 Setting The Standard David Liebman Red Records Italie
1992 1992 Turn It Around David Liebman Group Owl/EMI France
1992 1993 Joy, The Music Of John Coltrane David Liebman with the JMU Ensemble Candid Royaume-Uni
1992 1995 The Colossal Saxophone Sessions Artistes divers Evidence USA
1992 1994 The Seasons David Liebman/Cecil McBee/Billy Hart Soul Note Italie
1993 1994 Besame Mucho And Other Latin Jazz Standards David Liebman Red Records Italie
1995 2009 Dave Liebman Group Live at MCG David Liebman Group MCGJ USA
1995 1997 Dave Liebman and Lluis Vidal Trio David Liebman/Lluis Vidal Fresh Sound Espagne[6]
1995 Orchestre De Cambra David Liebman/Lluis Vidal Fresh Sound Espagne
1995 1996 In The Same Breath Mick Goodrick/avid Liebman/Wolfgang Muthspiel CMP Allemagne
1995 1996 Voyage David Liebman Group Evidence USA
1995 1997 John Coltrane's Meditations David Liebman Ensemble Arkadia Jazz USA
1995 1999 Souls and Masters David Liebman/Mike Gerber Arkadia Jazz USA
1996 1996 Return Of The Tenor – Standards David Liebman Double Time USA
1996 1997 World View David Liebman/Jean-Paul Céléa/Wolfgang Reisinger Label Bleu France
1996 1997 New Vista David Liebman Arkadia Jazz France
1996 1997 But Beautiful Dave Liebman/Phil Markowitz Sunshine Digital Japon
1996 1997 Rencontre Papaq with David Liebman France
1997 1997 The Elements: Water David Liebman Arkadia Jazz USA
1997 1997 Inner Voices Abbey Rader/David Liebman Abray Productions USA
1997 2000 Time Immemorial David Liebman/Walter Quintus ENJA Allemagne[7]
1997 2001 Liebman Plays Puccini - A Walk In The Clouds David Liebman Arkadia Jazz USA[8]
1998 1999 70s Jazz Pioneers - Live at The Town Hall NYC Artistes divers 1201 Music USA[9]
1998 1998 Thank You John: Our Tribute To John Coltrane Arkadia Jazz All-Stars 1201 Music USA[10]
1998 1999 Missing a Page Jean-Paul Céléa/David Liebman/Wolfgag Reisinger Label Bleu France
1998 2003 Colors David Liebman (solo) hatOLOGY Suisse
1999 1999 Monk’s Mood Dave Liebman Trio Double Time Jazz USA
1999 2001 The Unknown Jobim Dave Liebman Group GMN USA
1999 2000 Inner Voices Live Dave Liebman/Abbey Rader Abray USA
1999 2000 IASJ Gala Concert Artistes divers IASJ USA
2000 2004 Tour De Force Petter Wettre/David Liebman Household Records Norvège
2000 2001 Among Birds and Beasts Marc Van Roon/David Liebman Apple on the Moon Pays-Bas
2000 2001 Clear Day J.D. Walter/David Liebman Double-Time Records USA
2000 2001 Live At Big Mama Maurizio Giammarco/David Liebman/Daniel Humair/Furio Di Castri Soul Note Italie
2000 Live at the Jazz School Mike Zilber Jazz School Records USA
2001 2004 In a Mellow Tone Dave Liebman Group Zoho USA
2001 2002 Latin Genesis Dave Liebman/Don Braden/Dan Moretti Whaling City Sound USA
2001 2001 Ghosts Jean-Paul Céléa/David Liebman/Wolfgag Reisinger Nightbird France
2001 2003 Beyond the Line David Liebman Big Band Omnitone Records USA
2001 2002 Lunar Marc Copland/David Liebman Quartet hatOLOGY Suisse
2001 2003 Cosmos Abbey Rader/Dave Liebman Cadence USA
2001 Sketches of Spain the Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra Jazzheads USA
2002 2002 Feel Cues Trio Meets David Liebman Abeat Italie
2002 2002 Bookends David Liebman/Marc Copland hatOLOGY Suisse
2003 2003 Conversation Dave Liebman Group Sunnyside USA
2003 2003 Human Circle Budapest Jazz Orchestra With David Liebman BMC Hongrie
2003 2004 Line Ish Tony Bianco/Dave Liebman/Tony Marino Emanem Royaume-Uni
2003 2004 Seasons Reflected David Liebman avec the Gunnar Mossblad Ensemble Soul Note Italie
2003 2005 Lieb Plays Alec Wilder Dave Liebman Trio Daybreak Pays-Bas
2003 2008 Day and Nite David Liebman/Mike Murley Cornerstone Canada
2004 2004 Gathering of Spirits Saxophone Summit (Liebman/Brecker/Lovano) Telarc USA
2004 2008 Caminando Jean-Marie Machado/David Liebman PAO Records Autriche
2004 David Liebman and Richie Beirach Retrospective David Liebman/Richie Beirach Mosaic Select Series #12 USA
2004 2005 Different But The Same David Liebman/Ellery Eskelin/Tony Marino/Jim Black hatOLOGY Suisse
2004 2005 Manhattan Dialogues Dave Liebman/Phil Markowitz Zoho USA
2005 2005 Flashpoint Steve Smith/Dave Liebman/Aydin Esen/Anthony Jackson Tone Center USA
2005 Miles Ahead Manhattan School Orchestra Jazzheads USA
2005 2007 Blues All Ways Dave Liebman Group Omnitone USA
2005 2007 Negative Space David Liebman/Roberto Tarenzi/Paolo Benedettini/Tony Arco Verve USA
2005 2005 The Distance Runner David Liebman (solo) hatOLOGY Suisse
2005 2006 Three For All We Three (Dave Liebman/Steve Swallow/Adam Nussbaum) Challenge Pays-Bas
2005 2006 Vienna Dialogues David Liebman/Bobby Avey ZoHo USA
2005 2007 Redemption Quest (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) hatOLOGY Suisse
2005 2007 Dream of Nite David Liebman/Roberto Tarenzi/Paolo Benedettini/Tony Arco Verve Italie
2005 2007 Neighbors David Liebman/Nancy Reed Vectordisc USA
2006 2007 Back On The Corner Dave Liebman/Anthony Jackson/Mike Stern/Tony Marino/Marko Marcinko/Vic Juris Tone Center USA
2006 2007 Waters Ashore Dave Liebman/LaDonna Smith/Misha Feigin Transmuseq Records USA
2006 New Light-Live In Oslo David Liebman/Petter Wettre/Gene Perla/Scott Neumann PM Records USA
2006 2009 Air David Liebman/Walter Quintus [11]
2007 2007 Re-Dial: Live In Hamburg Quest (en) (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) Out Note Records France
2007 2008 Seraphic Light Saxophone Summit (Liebman/Coltrane/Coltrane) Telarc USA
2007 2009 Something Sentimental (Another) Nuttree Quartet (John Abercrombie/Jay Anderson/Dave Liebman/Adam Nussbaum) Kind of Blue Suisse
2007 2009 Nomads David Liebman/Michael Stephans ITM Allemagne
2007 2008 Further Conversations Dave Liebman Group True Azul USA
2007 Live at the IAJE Dave Liebman Group On Site Recording USA
2007 Seven Stairs/India David Liebman/Ravi Magnifique Jazz Werkstatt Allemagne
2007 2010 As Always Dave Liebman Big Band Mama Records USA
2008 2010 Relevance Dave Liebman/Evan Parker/Tony Bianco Red Toucan Canada
2008 2010 Lieb Plays Kurt Weill Dave Liebman Trio Daybreak Pays-Bas
2008 2010 Liebman Meets Intra Live David Liebman/Enrico Intra Alfa Italie
2008 2009 Porgy and Bess Manhattan School Orchestra Jazzheads USA
2008 2009 Live at the Jazz Standard Mateusz Kołakowski/David Liebman Fenom Media Pologne
2008 2010 Lieb Plays The Blues À La Trane David Liebman Trio Daybreak Pays-Bas
2009 2010 Turnaround-The Music of Ornette Coleman Dave Liebman Group Jazz Werkstatt Allemagne
2009 2010 Quest For Freedom Richie Beirach/Dave Liebman Sunnyside USA
2009 New Life Dave Liebman/Richie Beirach
2009 2011 Unspoken Dave Liebman/Richie Beirach Out Note Records France
2010 2011 Amazing We3 (Dave Liebman/Adam Nussbaum/Steve Swallow Kind Of Blue Italie
2010 2011 KnowingLee Lee Konitz/Dave Liebman/Richie Beirach Out Note France
2010 Ornette + Dave Liebman Group Jazz Heads France
2010 2010 Five On One Contact (Dave Liebman/John Abercrombie/Marc Copland/Drew Gress/Billy Hart) Pirouet Allemagne
2010 David Liebman Quartet/Quintet David Liebman Quartet/Quintet Tucsia In Jazz Live Italy
2010 2012 Sky Changes Dave Liebman with the Manhattan School of Music Chamber Ensemble Jazzheads USA
2010 Quest Live In Paris Quest
2010 2013 Lineage Dave Liebman/Michael Stephans Whaling City Sound USA
2011 2014 Visitation Saxophone Summit (Dave Liebman/Ravi Coltrane/Joe Lovano) Artist Share USA
2011 2011 Non Sequiturs David Liebman, Ellery Eskelin, Tony Marino, Jim Black hatOLOGY Suisse
2011 2011 Circular Dreaming Quest (David Liebman/Richie Beirach/Ron McClure/Billy Hart) Enja Allemagne
2011 2012 Surreality Dave Liebman/Lewis Porter/Marc Ribot Enja Allemagne
2011 2012 Famílía Lydia Liebman Featuring The Dave Liebman Group Vectordisc USA
2011 Korna Solo Dave Liebman (solo)
2011 2014 The Fallout Of Dreams Dave Liebman/Steve Dalachinsky Rogueart France
2011 2014 Music From A Parallel Dimension liebman Dave Liebman/Bob Moses Ra-Kalam Records USA
2011 2013 The Code Dave Liebman/Phil Haynes Corner Store Jazz USA
2012 2013 Lieb Plays The Beatles Dave Liebman Trio Daybreak Autriche
2012 2013 Lineage Dave Liebman/Mike Stephans Whaling City Sound USA
2012 2013 No Fast Food/Workin It-Together Drew Gress/Dave Liebman/Phil Haynes Corner Store Jazz USA
2012 2015 Media Luz Jean-Marie Machado/Dave Liebman La Buissonne France
2012 2014 Cycling Sam Blais/Dave Liebman Effendi Canada
2013 Near Dawn-Expansions The Dave Liebman Group with Pat Srikaranonda & Friends JML Records Thaïlande enregistré sour les auspices de l'U.S.State Department de Thaïlande
2013 2013 Blue Rose Dave Liebman/John Stowell Origin Records USA
2013 2013 Jussi Lethoven Quartet with Dave Liebman Aki Rissanen/Jussi Lehtonen Quartet/David Liebman Ozella Records Finlande
2013 2013 Free Colors Robert Nordmark Quartet Imogena Suède
2014 2014 The Miami Jazz Project Arthur Barron/Dave Liebman/Abel Pabon Zoho Records USA
2014 2014 A Tribute To Wayne Shorter Dave Liebman Big Band Mama Records USA
2014 2014 Ceremony Dave Liebman Chesky Records USA
2014 Breath Dave Liebman/Skip Detrick
2014 2014 Samsara: Expansions Dave Liebman Group Whaling City Sound USA
2015 2015 The Puzzle: Expansions Dave Liebman Group Whaling City Sound USA
2015 2016 Balladscapes Dave Liebman/Richie Beirach Intuition Allemagne
2015 2016 Across Two Centuries Three Reeds Quintet AMF 201 Italie
2015 2016 Is Seeing Believing? Liebman/Ineke/Lahina/Cavalli/Pinheiro Challenge Pays-Bas
2016 2016 Expansions Live? Dave Liebman Group Whaling City Sound USA
2016 2018 Fire Dave Liebman Jazzline Allemagne
2016 2018 Settings For Three No Fast Food (Drew Gess, Phil Haynes, David Liebman) Corner Store Jazz USA
2017 2017 Live at U of T Liebman/Murley Quartet University of Toronto Records Canada
2017 2018 Petite Fleur: The Music of Sidney Bechet David Liebman/John Stowell Origin Records USA
2017 2018 The Unknowable Dave Liebman/Tatsuya Nakatani/Adam Rudolph Rare Noise Royaume-Uni
2017 2018 Standards In Dublin Gonzalo De Val/Dave Liebman/Ronan Guilfoyle Quadrant Records Espagne
2017 2018 Quartette Oblique Quartette Oblique (Mike Stephans/David Liebman/Marc Copland/Drew Gress) Sunnyside Records USA
2016 2017 Masters in Bordeaux Martial Solal/Dave Liebman Sunnyside Records France
2017 2020 Masters in Paris Martial Solal/Dave Liebman Sunnyside Records France
2021 2021 New Vista[12] David Liebman Group Arkadia Records New York
2021 2022 John Coltrane’s Meditations[13] Dave Liebman Ensemble Arkadia Records New York

En tant que sideman[modifier | modifier le code]

Année d'enregistrement Année de sortie Titre Artiste principal label Pays de sortie Notes
1967 Custer Gets It Jim Pepper (en) Ensemble Rakalam Records USA
1967 Och Hans Vanner Lars Werner Love Finlande
1970 Hino’s Journey To Air Terumasa Hino Love TP Japon
1970 Brief Replies Ten Wheel Drive (en) Polydor USA
1970 Peculiar Friends Ten Wheel Drive (en) Polydor USA
1971 1971 My Goal's Beyond (en) John McLaughlin Douglas USA
1971 1971 Genesis (en) Elvin Jones Blue Note USA
1971 1972 Merry-Go-Round (en) Elvin Jones Blue Note USA
1972 1973 Mr. Jones (en) Elvin Jones Blue Note USA
1972 On the Corner Miles Davis Columbia USA
1972 1973 Live at the Lighthouse (en) Elvin Jones Blue Note USA
1972 Jazz Jamboree ’72 Elvin Jones Polskie Nagruna Pologne
1972 Live At Carnegie Hall, NYC Elvin Jones PM Records USA
1972 1972 From A Whisper To A Scream Esther Phillips Kudo USA
1973 People In Me Abbey Lincoln Inner City Japon
1973 Berlin ’73 Miles Davis Jazz Masters USA
1973 En Concert, aka Live Olympia 11 July, 1973 Miles Davis Europe 1 Trema France
1973 Miles And Beyond Miles Davis Lyfe USA
1973 1995 Call It What It Is Miles Davis Jazz Music Yesterday Italie[14]
1973 1995 Another Bitches Brew (Two Concerts In Belgrade) Miles Davis Jazz Door Allemagne[15]
1973 1995 Black Satin Miles Davis Jazz Masters Allemagne[16]
1973 1995 Palais Des Sports Miles Davis Jazz Masters Allemagne[17]
1974 1977 Dark Magus Miles Davis CBS/Sony USA
1974 1974 Get Up with It Miles Davis Columbia USA
1974 Somesvilles Fred Tompkins (en) Festival USA
1975 Year Of The Ear Baird Hersey Jugoton Yougoslavie
1975 Father Time Frank Tusa (en) Inner City Allemagne
1975 Passing Dreams Badal Roy (en) Adamo USA
1975 Ashiribad Badal Roy (en) Trio Japon
1975 Bittersuite In The Ozone Bob Moses (en) Mozown USA
1975 1975 From Russia With Jazz Prince Igor Yahivelich Different Drummer USA
1975 What’cha Gonna Do For Me Steve Satten Columbia USA
1976 Wishes/Kochi Masabumi Kikuchi East Wind Japon
1976 1977 A Place Within Linc Chamberland (en) Muse Records USA également sorti sous le nom de David Liebman, What’s New
1976 1976 The Main Force (en) Elvin Jones Vanguard USA
1977 New Moon In Zytron James Zytro Pacific Arts USA
1977 Bishop’s Bag Bishop Norman Williams Theresa USA
1977 Tiger In The Rain Michael Franks Warner Bros. USA
1977 Flaming Spirit Ric Drexler Claremont USA
1977 1978 Nature’s Revenge Ryō Kawasaki group MPS Allemagne
1979 Matsuri Yoshio “Chin” Suzuki CBS/Sony Japon
1979 All-In All-Out Masahiko Satoh CBS/Sony Japon
1979 Faun John McNeil (en) Steeplechase Danemark
1979 Secret Places Nina Sheldon Plug USA
1979 City Connection Terumasa Hino Flying Disc Japon
1979 Dancing On The Table Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Steeplechase Danemark
1979 Mr. Foster Al Foster Nippon/Columbia Japon
1979 Who’s Who John Scofield Arista Novus USA
1979 Family Bob Moses (en) Sutra USA Aussi sorti en Italie sous le nom Devotion
1979 Wheels Of Colored Light Bob Moses (en) Open Mind Allemagne
1979 Home Steve Swallow ECM Allemagne
1980 Day Dream Terumasa Hino Flying Disk Japon
1980 1980 Heads Up Stone Alliance PM Records USA
1980 1981 Susto Masabumi Kikuchi Columbia Japon
1980 1981 Minerva’s Owl Aki Takase Continental Japon
1980 1981 Mountain Nobuyoshi Ino (en) Nippon/Columbia Japon
1981 1983 Impressions Of Charles Mingus Teo Macero Palo Alto USA
1981 1981 Clean Sweep John McNeil (en) quintet Steeplechase Danemark
1981 1981 Wings Yoshio “Chin” Suzuki Trio Japon
1981 1988 Visiting This Planet Tisziji Munoz (en) Anami Music USA
1981 Hearing Voices Tisziji Munoz (en) Anami Music USA
1981 1983 So Nobody Else Can Hear Jimmy Cobb CVR USA
1981 1981 Coup De Tete Kip Hanrahan American Clave USA
1982 1982 Elvin Jones Elvin Jones Palo Alto USA
1982 1982 Mistletoe magic Artistes divers (Elvin Jones quintet) Palo Alto USA[18]
1982 1982 Dogatana Kazumi Watanabe Better Days Japon
1983 1984 Symbols Of Hopi Jill McManus Concord USA
1983 1983 Mars Steve Masakowski Prescription Records USA
1983 1988 Things We Did Last Summer John McNeil (en) quintet Steeplechase Danemark
1983 1984 Picadilly Lilly University Of Miami Concert Jazz Band Not On Label USA
1983 Introspection Jukkis Votilla Finn Records, Polydor Finlande
1983 1984 Visit With The Great Spirit Bob Moses (en) Gramavision USA
1984 1984 The Spell Klaus Ignatzek (en) group Nabel Records Allemagne
1985 1985 Tender Mercies Klaus Ignatzek (en) group Nabel Records Allemagne
1985 1986 New Hands Lars Danielsson Dragon Suède
1985 1986 Guided Dream Tolvan Big Band with David Liebman Dragon Suède
1985 1985 Acoustical Suspension Teo Macero Doctor Jazz USA
1986 1987 The Story Of Moses Bob Moses (en) Gramavision USA
1986 1986 Inner Voices Paolo Fresu sextet Splasc(H) Records Italie
1986 Inner Rhythm Robert Jospé (en) Tundra USA
1987 1988 Rah Billy Hart Gramavision USA
1987 1990 Abracadabra Jeff Palmer Soul Note Italie
1987 1987 Men’s Land Michel Portal Label Bleu France
1988 1988 Day And Night McGill Jazz Ensemble with David Liebman McGill Canada
1988 1989 Unexpected Zaviot with Dave Liebman Jazz Is Israël
1988 1989 A Sip Of Your Touch Riccardo Del Fra Ida France
1988 1990 Voice Of The Wind Ed Sarath Owl Records France
1989 1991 Visions Tom Harrell Contemporary USA
1989 1989 Sail Away Tom Harrell Contemporary USA
1989 1993 Something Els Jack Bruce CMP Allemagne
1989 1990 Schoenberg Improvisations Harry Pepl (en) Amadeo Autriche
1989 1994 The House On Lefferts Blvd. Yosi Levy MCI Israël
1989 Homecoming Abbey Rader (en) Cadence USA
1990 1991 Exaton Christian Le Délézir Exaton France
1990 1991 Manu Pekar/David Liebman & Guests Manu Pekar Columbia France
1990 Pacific Rim Phillip Kahn Borland International USA
1990 1993 Bestial Cluster Mick Karn CMP Allemagne
1991 1997 Looking For The Light/A Tribute to Chet Baker Phil Markowitz (en) CB Records USA
1991 1991 Poems Lars Danielsson Dragon Suède
1991 1992 Fresh Enough Lars Danielsson Bellaphon Allemagne
1991 1995 Blues For McCoy Dave Panichi (en) Spirit Song USA
1991 1993 Convergence Gunnar Mossblad Mossblad Music USA
1991 1992 So In Love Craig Fraedrich Positive Music USA
1991 1992 Anadolu Aydın Esen (en) Columbia/CBS Sony USA
1991 1992 The Moment Yoshio “Chin” Suzuki One Voice Japon
1991 1992 Sailing Stone Motohiko Hino (en) One Voice Japon
1991 1992 Last Day In May Ed Sarath Konnex Allemagne
1992 1992 Stranger In Brooklyn Mike Zilber Owl/EMI France
1992 1992 Turandot Bob Belden Blue Note Japon
1992 1993 The Yin And The Yout Paul Wertigo Vera Bra Allemagne
1992 1993 Life’s A Lesson Ben Sidran Go Jazz Japon
1992 New Songs Manu Pekar Gorgone France
1992 Island Shiro Mori Verve Forecast, Polydor K.K Japon
1993 1997 Key Of The Moment Peter Weniger Mons Allemagne
1993 1993 Tales From The Reefs Boclé Brothers Band One France
1993 1995 It’s There Motohiko Hino (en) Fun House Japon
1993 King Oedipus Peter Herbert Milenium Autriche
1993 1995 Time Changes Jerry Hahn Enja Allemagne
1993 RH Factor Reuben Hoch Bellaphon Allemagne
1993 1993 The Gatecrasher Andreas Manndorf Millenium Records Autriche[19]
1993 Klang Debuts MHS Big Band St. Gut Autriche
1995 Adventures Ken Sangster Jazz Focus Canada
1995 2001 No Images John Hollenbeck CRI USA[20]
1995 1995 Mr. X Mordy Ferber Ozone USA
1995 1995 New York Rendez-vous Didier Lockwood JMS France
1995 Prayer For My Father Valery Volkov Sigman International USA
1995 Miss You In New York T Square CBS/Sony Japon
1995 1995 Aventure Publique Papaq France
1995 1995 If I Only Knew Reuben Hoch Bellaphon Allemagne
1996 1996 New York Breed Conrad Herwig Double Time USA
1996 1998 Quatre Fois Trois Daniel Humair Label Bleu France
1996 1996 ... And Into The Light Greg Waits Jagre Music USA
1996 An Echoed Smile Matt Ballisteras Palmetto USA
1996 1996 The Music Of Alec Wilder Vic Juris Double Time USA
1996 1997 Thought Provoking Rick DellaRatta Stella USA
1996 1997 HomePage Uli Rennert SOS Music Autriche
1996 1999 The Four Elements Jens Winther Stunt Danemark
1996 1996 Dis Tanz Michael Nick Transes Européennes France
1997 1997 Affairs Rolf Kühn & Friends Intuition Allemagne
1997 1997 Swing Time Peter LaRoca Blue Note USA
1997 1997 SwingTime Pete La Roca Blue Note [21]
1997 1997 Off The Coast Terumasa Hino Sweet Basil Japon
1997 Free Time Nick Bissesi Hallway USA
1997 2000 Hunters And Gatherers Jukkis Uotila Double Time USA
1998 Orphee Allie Defau Night and Day France
1998 1999 Panthalassa Miles Davis/Bill Laswell Columbia USA[22]
1998 1998 Endless Miles: A Tribute To Miles Davis Artistes divers N2K USA
1998 1999 Invisible City André Bush Odd Culture USA
1998 1999 Pink Elephant Magic Joanne Brackeen Arkadia USA
1998 1998 Nagual Site Sacred System Wicklow USA[23]
1998 1999 Innermedium Robert Musso DIW Japon
1998 1999 Taurus People John Nugent Quartet Jazz Focus Canada
1998 1998 Metal Caribe Richie Zellon Song-o-saurus USA
1998 Spirit Child Lenora Zenzalai Helm J Curve USA
1998 Sombritude Amdy Emler Casa France
1998 1999 I Mean You Peter Weniger Mons Allemagne
1998 2000 Meeting Two Ravy Magnifique Au Merle Moqueur France
1998 2000 The Stamm/Soph Project The Marvin Stamm/Ed Soph Quartet Marstam USA
1998 2001 Petty Theft Wilkins & Allen Quartet Cathexis USA
1998 2002 The Banff Sessions John Stowell Origin Records USA
1998 Maxim Confit Dane Maxim Richeson 7 Maxim Production USA
1998 After Dark Ronan Guilfoyle Trio IMC Irlande
1998 1999 Suite For Soprano Sax And String Orchestra Florian Ross Naxos Allemagne
1999 1999 3 Purple Circles Misako Kano Jazz Focus Canada
1999 1999 Presence of Joy Tisziji Muñoz Anami Records USA
1999 2000 In Color The Trio Resonant Music Norvège[24]
1999 1999 Dark Star Teo Macero USA
2000 2001 Topaz Under the Moon Jeff Raheb Topaz USA
2000 2000 Second Voyage Lewis Porter Quintet Altrisuoni Suisse
2000 2001 Labyrinth: Daedalus Project Dimitrious Vassilakis Candid Angleterre
2000 2001 Labyrinth: Daedalus Project Dimitrious Vassilakis Candid Angleterre
2000 The Human Spirit Tisziji Muñoz Anami Records USA
2000 2001 In Harmony’s Way Jeff Berlin MAJ Records USA
2001 2002 Sylvan Treasure Jesse Green Chiaroscuro USA
2001 2002 Lichtblau André Nendza's A.Tronic Crecycle Music Allemagne
2001 Nuage Jeff Johnston Justin Time Canada
2001 2001 Hope Piotr Wojtasik Power Bros. Pologne
2001 2003 Ringin’ Bells Alessandro Fabbri Quarte Via Venuto Jazz Records Italie
2001 2004 To Music Jim Robitaille Whaling City Sound USA
2002 2002 Le Jazz Est Un Roman (compilation) Alain Gerber Owl France
2002 2005 These are Them Al Ashley Jazz Land USA
2002 2004 Monsoon Scott DuBois Quintet Soul Note Italie
2003 In Berlin Andreas Schmidt and Friends Jazzmusic Allemagne
2003 Cruisin’ Juergen Seefelder West Wind Allemagne
2003 2004 Snake Charmer Rez Abbasi Earth Sounds USA
2003 2006 Monkey Dance Tony Bianco FMR Records Royaume-Uni
2004 2005 A Second Look Tony Bianco Mel Bay Records USA
2004 2005 Oracion Guillermo McGill Karonte Espagne
2004 2005 Fusion for Miles:A Guitar Tribute Artistes divers Tone Center USA
2004 2005 Harrison on Harrison Joel Harrison High Note USA
2004 After Utopia Andy Sugg Newmarket Music Australie
2004 2006 Refusion Wolfgang Reisinger Universal Autriche
2004 2007 Jazz My Soul Jazz Explorers Rhythm Dynamics USA
2005 2008 Spectacles André Nendza's A.Tronic JazzSick Records Allemagne
2005 Grey Matters David Kane Magellan USA
2005 2006 Exploration Christophe Dal Sasso Nocturne France
2005 2006 Tiger by the Tail George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band Montreux Suisse
2005 2006 Faces Jean-Charles Richard Herrade France
2005 2006 4 More Thomas Carbou Herrade France
2005 Forever Lost Jiannis Pavlidis Royaume-Uni
2006 2006 Machinery Of The Night David Kane Magellan USA
2006 2007 Depth Of Emotion Ed Saindon World Improvised Music USA
2006 2007 Traces Dan Stern Kvetch Records Royaume-Uni
2006 2007 Identita Massimo Manzi Wide Records Italie
2006 Origin Emre Katari Rec Jazz Turquie
2006 2007 Kopacoustic-Music from the Kopa Festival Artistes divers Kopasetic Suède
2006 2006 Autumn Suite Jarek Śmietana JSR Records Pologne
2007 2009 The Comet’s Tail Chuck Owen’s Jazz Surge Mama Records USA
2007 2008 Study in Contrast Teo Macero Teo Productions Inc. USA
2007 2007 Obligatory Villagers Nellie McKay Hungry Mouse Records USA
2007 2008 Miles from India Artistes divers Times Square USA
2007 Unibrain Kakaphonic Boom a Room USA
2007 2008 Unibrain Kakaphonic Jazz Jeon Records USA
2007 2007 Jazz On Funk Off EMI Italy
2008 Strength to Climb Jazz Explorers
2008 2009 Remembering The Future Jon Hemmersam NCB Danemark
2008 2009 No Such Thing Matt Vashlishan Origin Records USA
2008 2009 Free 4 DAG CR France
2008 2009 Little Horse - Ho! George Gruntz & Tobias Preisig TCB Suisse
2009 2009 The Avatar Sessions: The Music of Tim Hagans the Nordbotten Big Band Fuzzy Music USA
2009 2010 A New Face Bobby Avey Jay Dell Records USA
2009 2010 The Bickel/Marks Group with Dave Liebman The Bickel/Marks Group Z Production Italie
2010 2010 Duende Jon Hemmersen Konnex Allemagne
2010 Outside the Soiree Erin McDougald Miles High Records USA
2010 2013 The Art Of Respect Guillermo McGill Quartet Youkali Music Espagne
2011 2014 Ungrund Gabor Gado Quartet BMC Hongrie
2011 Bossa Of Possibility Jon Gold Blue Jazz USA
2011 Early Afternoon Francesca Venerucci featuring Dave Liebman Dodilune Italie
2012 Things Basak Yuvuz Z Muzik Turquie
2012 Skytrain Chacon and Diaz Erabel Jazz Espagne
2012 2013 Tomorrow’s Expectations Dave Liebman Big Band JazzIz Israel
2012 2014 Inti Machine Mass MoonJune USA
2012 2012 Duets Bob Dorough COTA Jazz USA
2013 Subliminal Leaps Charles Evans Mimi Records USA
2013 The Time Of Monsters Laurent Bonnot LB Records USA
2013 American Adventure Scottish National Jazz Orchestra Spartacus Records Écosse
2013 Sphere Nicolas Folmer Cristal Records France
2013 ReWrite Of Spring Aarhus Jazz Orchestra arranged by Lars Moller Da Capo Records Danemark
2013 ReWrite Of Spring Aarhus Jazz Orchestra arranged by Lars Moller Da Capo Records Danemark
2013 2014 Jazz Talk Vein feat. Dave Liebman Unit Suisse
2013 Singing Red Jon Hemmersam Konnex Records Allemagne
2013 Folklorico Francesco Marcocci Boabob Records USA
2013 Two Suites For Jazz Orchestra Oscar Del Barbes Dot Time Records Italie
2013 2013 Free Colors Robert Nordmark Quartet Imogena Suède
2014 Let There Be Life, Love and Laughter Eric Ineke Meets The Tenor Players Day Break Pays-Bas
2014 2015 On Beauty Charles Evans Mimi Records USA
2014 Heritage/Evolution Prism Saxophone Quartet Innova USA
2014 Ugandan Suite Felipe Salles Tapestry Records USA
2014 Individuation Michael Eaton Destiny Records USA
2015 Glimpses Li Gaoyang featuring Dave Liebman Bailey Records Chine
2015 2018 Distant Song Fred Farell Whaling City Sound USA
2015 Jazz For The Earth Bill Carter and the Presbybop Sextet PBOP Records USA
2015 Racha S’Miles Racha Flora
2015 2016 Resolution Mehmet Ali Sanlikol Dunya USA
2016 Atoms Of Supersoul Tisziji Munoz Anamimusic USA
2016 Sweet Ruby Suite University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra with Norma Winstone Canada
2016 Skins Nana Simopoules NR 9206-2 USA
2017 Fourteen Hungarian Peasant Songs Modern Art Orchestra BMC Hongrie
2017 Glimpses Keith Oxman Group Capri Records USA
2017 Electric Miles Charles Pillow Large Ensemble Mama Records USA
2018 Right Around The Corner John Minnock

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