Screwed Up

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Screwed Up
Compilation de Screwball
Sortie Drapeau : États-Unis
Genre Rap East Coast, rap hardcore
Label Hydra Entertainment

Albums de Screwball

Screwed Up est une compilation de Screwball, sortie le .

Cet album comprend des reprises et des remixes de certains des titres des deux premiers albums, ainsi que des morceaux inédits.

Liste des titres[modifier | modifier le code]

Disque 1[modifier | modifier le code]

No Titre Contient un (des) sample(s) de[1] Durée
1. Stretch Armstrong/Poet (Intro)
2. Urban Warfare (Remix)
3. Dirt Thugs (featuring Godfather Don)
4. Torture (featuring M.O.P.) If You Lose Your Woman de Zoo
5. Who?
6. That Shit Take the Night Off de LaBelle
7. Take It There There's a Train Leavin' de Quincy Jones
8. Guilty
9. Seen It All Superstar d'Hugo Montenegro
Incarcerated Scarfaces de Raekwon
10. Loyalty (featuring Cormega) I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know de Blood, Sweat and Tears
11. The Blocks (feature Nature)
12. Hostyle
13. Real Niggaz
14. Greatest on Earth
15. Attn A&R Dept
16. You Love to Hear the Stories (Pete Rock Remix) (featuring MC Shan)
17. Be On Your Way (featuring Fred Fowler)

Disque 2[modifier | modifier le code]

No Titre Contient un (des) sample(s) de Durée
1. Like a Gangster (featuring Matrix Bars)
2. The Operation (featuring Nashawn)
3. Gorillas (featuring N.O.R.E. et Kool G Rap) When There's a Will, There's a Way des Crusaders
4. F.A.Y.B.A.N Tremendous de Mama Mystique
5. What the Deal? (featuring Cormega) The Smile de David Axelrod
6. Where U at? (featuring Nature)
7. On Point (Remix)
8. Heat Is On (Remix) (featuring Prodigy)
9. I Ain't Saying Nothing
10. Somethings Gotta Give
11. Crime Unit
12. Ride for Free
13. Who Shot Rudy?
14. Taking All Bets
15. Screwed Up Life Could de Rotary Connection
Never Can Say Goodbye de O'Donel Levy
16. On the Real (featuring Cormega et Havoc) Move Over des Soul Children
One Love de Nas featuring Q-Tip
17. Shouts

Notes et références[modifier | modifier le code]

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