Fitz Henry Lane

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Fitz Henry Lane
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Fitz Henry Lane (né Nathaniel Rogers Lane, également connu sous le nom de Fitz Hugh Lane), né le à Gloucester (Massachusetts) et mort le ) à Duncans Point (en) en Californie, est un peintre américain de style luministe.

Œuvres[modifier | modifier le code]

  • The Burning of the Packet Ship “Boston,” 1830, aquarelle, [1]
  • View of the Town of Gloucester, Mass, 1836, lithographie, [2]
  • Stage Rocks and Western Shore of Gloucester Outer Harbor, 1857, huile sur toile, John Wilmerding Collection, [3]
  • Riverdale, 1863, Cape Ann Historical Museum Collection, [4]
  • Gloucester Harbor from Rocky Neck, 1844, Cape Ann Historical Museum Collection, [5]
  • The Western Shore with Norman's Woe, 1862, Cape Ann Historical Museum Collection, [6]
  • Stage Fort Across Gloucester Harbor, 1862, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [7]
  • Clipper Ship “Sweepstakes”, 1853, Museum of the City of New York Collection, [8]
  • Ships Passing in Rough Seas, 1856, Private Collection, [9]
  • The Fishing Party, 1850, [10]
  • Lumber Schooners at Evening in Penobscot Bay, 1860, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC [11]
  • View of Coffin's Beach, 1862, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, [12]
Salem Harbor, Salem, Massachusetts huile sur toile Fitz Henry Lane, 1853. Musée des beaux-arts de Boston.

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