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Nombreuses modifications de formulation (le texte original semble être une traduction), pratiquement aucune du contenu.--Hermes128 4 avril 2006 à 11:56 (CEST)

La crise du Starfighter. Oxygers

On a appris par la suite que nombre de ces accidents étaient dus à une trop grande charge alaire (les autres armées de l'air du monde n'ont pas eu ce problème), car un des membres de l'état-major était un espion à la solde des soviétiques.

En quoi la présence d'un espion soviétique explique-t-elle une crise résolue par une modification profonde de l'entrainement. Extrait de la version anglaise, plus pertinente...

During the 1960s, the "Starfighter crisis" was a big problem for German politics, as many of these Lockheed F-104 fighters crashed after being modified to serve for Luftwaffe purposes - specifically for terrain, weather and ground troop support issues. In Luftwaffe service, 292 of the 916 Starfighters crashed, claiming the lives of 115 pilots, leading to cries from the West German public that the Starfighter was fundamentally unsafe and earning it the Witwenmacher (English - Widowmaker) nickname.

Steinhoff and his deputy Rall noted that the non-German F-104's proved much safer - Spain lost none in the same period. The Americans blamed the high loss rate of the Luftwaffe F-104s to the extreme low-level and aggressive flying by the German pilots, rather than any faults in the aircraft.[1]. Steinhoff and Rall immediately left their daily work and learned to fly the aircraft in America under Lockheed instruction, and noted some specifics in the training (a distinct lack of mountains and foggy weather training), combined with handling capabilities (sharp start high G turns) of the aircraft that could create accidents situations.

Steinhoff and Rall immediately changed the training regimen for the F-104 pilots, and accident ratio's quickly fell to those comparable or better than other airforces. They also brought about the high level of training and professionalism seen today throughout the Luftwaffe, and the start of a strategic direction for Luftwaffe pilots to tactically and combat train outside Germany. However, the F-104 never removed its Witwenmacher reputation, and was replaced much earlier by the Luftwaffe than other national airforces.

The currenct government issue isn't correct[modifier le code]

Hey guys!

I'm from Germany, so that's why I'm not able to contribute in your language, I'm sorry. So what I want to tell you is that the Luftwaffe wasn't founded by the Nazis. It's true that they called their airforce Luftwaffe, too, but it isn't true that today's Luftwaffe is identical with the Luftwaffe in the Third Reich. So please edit it, I won't 'cause you would have changed it back. Thank you!

Greetz Lasse

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English!
-- Uhlemanns (d) 16 octobre 2011 à 20:36 (CEST)

Entschuldigen Sie mich, aber es ist nicht geschrieben, dass die Nazis die Luftwaffe geschaffen, oder Luftwaffe der BRD ist die gleiche wie im Dritten Reich. - Bzh99(d) 16 octobre 2011 à 22:21 (CEST)

Bonjour. Le nom de la croix qui décore les avions n'est pas la croix de fer, mais la croix Balte dont la croix de fer a repris le dessin.