Lou Christie

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Lou Christie
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Lou Christie en 1966.
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Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco, dit Lou Christie (né le à Glen Willard) est un chanteur américain[1]. Ses plus grands succès sont Two Faces Have I (1963), Lightnin' Strikes (1966) et I'm Gonna Make You Mine (1969).

Discographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Singles[modifier | modifier le code]

Année Titre Meilleur classement Record Label Face B
du même album que la face A sauf indication contraire
1963 The Gypsy Cried 24 Roulette Records Red Sails in the Sunset (Non-LP track) Lou Christie
Two Faces Have I 6 11 20 All That Glitters Isn't Gold
How Many Teardrops 46 79 You and I (Have a Right to Cry)
Shy Boy 119 It Can Happen Non-LP tracks
1964 Stay There They Go (Non-LP track) Lou Christie
Guitars and Bongos 123 Colpix Records Merry-Go-Round (Non-LP track) Lou Christie Strikes Again
Have I Sinned Pot of Gold
1965 Why Did You Do It Baby Make Summer Last Forever
A Teenager in Love Back Track
Lightnin' Strikes 1 11 9 MGM Records Cryin' in the Streets Lightnin' Strikes
1966 Outside the Gates of Heaven 45 Co & Ce Records All That Glitters Isn't Gold Non-LP tracks
Big Time 95 Colpix Records Cryin' on My Knees Lou Christie Strikes Again
Rhapsody in the Rain 16 37 40 MGM Records Trapeze (de Lightnin' Strikes) Painter of Hits
Painter 81 Du Ronda
If My Car Could Only Talk 118 Song of Lita Non-LP tracks
Since I Don't Have You 118 Wild Life's In Season Painter of Hits
1967 Shake Hands and Walk Away Cryin' 95 Columbia Records Escape Non-LP tracks
Self Expression (The Kids on the Street Will Never Give In) Back to the Days of the Romans
Gina Escape
Don't Stop Me (Jump Off the Edge of Love) Back to the Days of the Romans
1968 Genesis and the Third Verse Buddah Records Rake Up the Leaves
Canterbury Road Saints of Aquarius
1969 I'm Gonna Make You Mine 10 2 32 I'm Gonna Get Married I'm Gonna Make You Mine
Are You Getting Any Sunshine? 73 It'll Take Time
1970 Love is Over She Sold Me Magic (de I'm Gonna Make You Mine) (#25 UK) Non-LP tracks
Indian Lady 106 39 89 Glory River
1971 Lighthouse Waco Paint America Love
1973 Beyond the Blue Horizon 80 12 Three Brothers Records Saddle the Wind Lou Christie
1974 Good Mornin'/Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah You Were the One
1975 Summer Days Slipped Disc Records The One and Only Original Sunshine Kid Non-LP tracks
1976 Riding in My Van Epic Records Summer in Malibu
You're Gonna Make Love to Me Midland International Records Fantasies
1977 Spanish Wine Dancing in the Sand

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