Looks Like a Job For…

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Looks Like a Job For...
Album de Big Daddy Kane
Sortie Drapeau : États-Unis
Enregistré 19921993
Durée 46:03
Genre Rap East Coast, hip-hop old-school
Producteur Big Daddy Kane, Trackmasters, DJ Clash, Robert Brown, Easy Mo Bee, Cool V, Large Professor, Mister Cee, Spark Boogie, The Bomb Squad
Label Cold Chillin' Records, Reprise Records, Warner Bros. Records

Albums de Big Daddy Kane


  1. How U Get A Record Deal
    Sortie : 1993
  2. Very Special/Stop Shammin
    Sortie : 1993

Notation des critiques

Compilation des critiques
Périodique Note
AllMusic 4 étoiles sur 5[1]
Entertainment Weekly B[2]
Rolling Stone 3 étoiles sur 5
The Source 3.5 étoiles sur 5

Looks Like a Job For... est le cinquième album studio de Big Daddy Kane, sorti le .

L'album s'est classé 9e au Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums et 52e au Billboard 200[3].

Liste des titres[modifier | modifier le code]

No Titre Contient un (des) sample(s) de[4] Durée
1. Looks Like a Job For... Synthetic Substitution de Melvin Bliss

Raw de Big Daddy Kane

Set It Off de Big Daddy Kane
2. How U Get a Record Deal? An Old Fashioned Love Song de Three Dog Night
Synthetic Substitution de Melvin Bliss
3. Chocolate City (featuring Mister Cee, Scoob Lover, Scrap Lover et Lil' Daddy Shane) Broadway Combination de Dyke & the Blazers 3:01
4. Prelude 0:55
5. The Beef Is On I Think I Made a Boo Boo de Rufus Thomas

The Big Beat de Billy Squier
Atomic Dog de George Clinton
The Nigga Ya Love to Hate d'Ice Cube

Death Wish de Kool G Rap et DJ Polo
6. Stop Shammin' Keep on Doin' It de The New Birth

Leap Frog de Freddie Hubbard

Be-Be's Kids (To Disneyland) de Robin Harris
7. Brother Man, Brother Man (featuring Lil' Daddy Shane) Soul Pad des Coasters 3:06
8. Rest in Peace Very Special de Debra Laws 4:15
9. Very Special (featuring Spinderella, Laree Williams et Karen Anderson) 5:03
10. Here Comes Kane, Scoob and Scrap (featuring Scoob Lover et Scrap Lover) 4:24
11. Niggaz Never Learn The New Dance Craze des Five Stairsteps and Cubie

(Don't Worry) if There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go de Curtis Mayfield
The Boss de James Brown

You Must Learn des Boogie Down Productions
12. Give It to Me Pass the Peas des The J.B.'s

Funky President de James Brown
Thoughts of an Old Flame de Pleasure

Check the Rhime de A Tribe Called Quest
13. Nuff Respect (Remix) 3:15
14. Finale Mighty, Mighty de Baby Huey 3:10

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