Dorsey Burnette

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Dorsey Burnette
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Dorsey Burnette, né le à Memphis et mort le à Canoga Park (Los Angeles) est un chanteur de rockabilly et de musique country. Il est le frère aîné de Johnny Burnette.

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Dorsey Burnette, avec son frère Johnny Burnette et un ami Paul Burlison, forme le groupe The Rock and Roll Trio jusqu'à fin 1959. Il fait ensuite une carrière solo au début des années soixante. Dorsey signe alors avec Era qui publie Talk oak tree qui se classe n°23 dans les chartes aux États-Unis. En 1969, il est chez Liberty, puis termine sa vie comme chanteur de country & western pour Capitol. Au cours de sa carrière il écrira aussi 350 textes pour Rick Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Glenn Campbell, Stevie Wonder et d'autres.

Discographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Pour le Rock'n'Roll Trio voir Johnny Burnette.

Année Titre Label Position dans les charts US
1956 Let's Fall In Love / The Devil's Queen Abbott Records
1957 Jungle Magic / At A Distance Abbott Records
1957 Bertha Lou / Til The law Says Stop Surf Records
1959 You Came As A Miracle / Try Imperial Records
1959 Lonely Train / Misery Imperial Records
1960 Tall Oak Tree / Juarez Town Era Records #23
1960 Blues Stay Away From Me / Midnight Train (avec Johnny Burnette) Coral Records
1960 Hey Little One / Big Rock Candy Mountain Era Records #48
1960 Way In The Middle of the Night / Your Love Imperial Records
1960 Hey Little One / Big Rock Candy Mountain London Records (UK)
1960 The Ghost of Billy Maloo / Red Roses Era Records
1960 Lucy Darlin' / Black Roses Merri Records
1960 This Hotel / The River and the Mountain Era Records
1961 Hard Rock Mine / Sin Era Records
1961 Great Shakin' Fever / That's Me Without You Era Records
1961 Rainin' / A Full House Dot Records
1961 It's No Sin / Hard Rock Mine London Records (UK)
1961 Rainin' / A Full House London Records (UK)
1961 Feminine Touch / Sad Boy Dot Records
1962 Dying Amber / A Country Boy in The Army Dot Records
1962 The Castle In The Sky / The Boys Kept Hangin' Around Reprise Records
1962 I'm Watin' For Ya Baby / Darling Jane Reprise Records
1963 Foolish Pride / Four For Texas Reprise Records
1963 Hey Sue / It Don't Take Much Reprise Records
1963 Invisible Chains / Pebbles Reprise Records
1963 Circle Rock / House With a Tin Roof Imperial Records
1963 Where's The Girl? / One of the Lucky Reprise Records
1963 Foolish Pride / Four For Texas Reprise Records
1964 Little Acorn / Cold, As Usual Mel-O-Dy Records
1964 Jimmy Brown / Everbody's Angel Mel-O-Dy Records
1964 Long Long Time Ago / Ever Since The World Began Mel-O-Dy Records
1965 Bertha Lou / Keep a-Knockin' Cee-Jam Records
1965 In The Morning / To Remember Mercury Records
1965 Wayward Wind / Suddenly, There's A Valley Era Records
1965 Jimmy Brown / Everybody's Angel Tamila-Motown Records (UK)
1966 Bertha Lou / Til The Law says Stop Cee-Jam Records
1966 In The Morning / To Remember Smash Records
1966 If You Want To Love Somebody / Teach Me Little Children Smash Records
1966 Tall Oak Tree / I Just Can't Be Tamed Smash Records
1966 Ain't That Just Fine / House That Jack Built Hickory Records
1967 Rolling Restless Stone / Back To Nature Lama Records
1968 I'll Wake Away / Soon You've Got To Make It Alone Music Factory
1969 The Greatest Love / Thin Little Single Girl Liberty Records
1970 To Be A Man / Fly Away and Hurry Home Happy Tiger Records
1970 Call Me Lonesome / One Lamp Sun Happy Tiger Records
1970 Magnificent Sanctuary Band / Can't You See It Happening Condor Records
1971 New Orleans Woman / After The Long Ride Home Capitol Records
1971 Children Of The Universe / Shelby County Penalty Farm Capitol Records
1972 In Spring / Same Old You Same Old Me Capitol Records
1972 I Just Couldn't Let Her Walk Away / Church Bells Capitol Records
1972 Lonely To Be Alone / Cry Mama Capitol Records
1973 I Let Another Good One Get Away / Take Your Weapons Lay Them Down Capitol Records
1973 Keep Out Of My Dreams / Mama Mama Capitol Records
1973 Darling / Sweet Lovin' Woman Capitol Records
1973 Mr. Juke Box Sing A Lullaby / It Happens Everytime Capitol Records
1974 Bootleggers / Bob, A., The Playboys And Me Capitol Records
1974 Daddy Loves You Honey / True Love Means Forgiving Capitol Records
1974 Tangerine / What Ladies Can Do Capitol Records
1975 Molly / She's Feelin' Low Melodyland Records
1975 Lyin' In Her Arms Again / Doggone The Dogs Melodyland Records
1975 Ain't No Heartbreak / I Dreamed I Saw Melodyland Records
1977 Things I Treasured / One Morning Calliope Records
1977 Soon As I Touched Her / Dear Hearted Children Calliope Records
1980 Here I Go Again / What Would It Profit Me Elektra Records
1980 B.J.Kick-A-Beaux / What Would It Profit Me Elektra Records

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