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I do not speak French very well, but I would like to ask if anyone could translate the following text into French:

Gronings (in Gronings: Grönnegs) is the name of a groupe of Friso-Saxon dialects that is spoken in and around de Dutch province of Groningen. In the north and east of the province of Drenthe and the east of the Frisian municipalty of Kollumerland, Gronings is sproken as well. Gronings and East-Frisian, on the other side of the Groningan-German border, can be seen as one dialect.

Gronings was found when de city of Groningen gained more and more influence in the surrounding land in the 15th century. The surrounding lands, de Ommelanden, were Frisian and the city of Groningen was Saxon. When de city of Groningen joined together with the Ommelanden in 1594 as the province of Stad en Lande, the Frisian language of the Ommelanden was abandoned and switched for the Low Saxon variety of the city of Groningen. The same process was repeated in East-Frisia 200 years later. However, both Gronings and East-Frisian saved some of the Frisian vocabulary and grammar.

[[da:Groningsk]] [[de:Gronings]] [[en:Gronings]] [[fy:Grinslânsk]] [[ksh:Jronėngsch (Shprooch)]] [[nds:Grunnengs]] [[nds-nl:Grunnegs]] [[nl:Gronings]] [[pl:Język groningski]] [[vls:Grôniengs]]

I do not know either if the name is correct. Perhaps it would be Groningais or Groningois or Groningon, je ne sais pas sur, so I did Gronings, as it is in Dutch.

Thank you. 24 avril 2007 à 08:44 (CEST) »

Catégorisation[modifier le code]

Catégorie:Langue des Pays-Bas ou Catégorie:Dialecte du néerlandais ? J'opte pour le premier, soutenu par nl:Gronings et par Dialectes néerlandais. En effet, c'est un dialecte du bas-saxon, mais le bas-saxon est un dialecte du néerlandais. Au mieux, on peut introduire une catégorie intermédiaire, comme sur WP:NL, mais je trouvais ça encore un peu trop lourd. Hannes > zeg 't maar 7 mai 2007 à 20:31 (CEST)

Nom[modifier le code]

Perhaps "Groningan/Groninganne" is a better adjective of "Groningue". In Latin it is "Groningana" or "Groningæ". (d) 11 décembre 2012 à 21:21 (CET)