It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (album)

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It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, sorti en 1999, est une compilation de Marianne Faithfull qui combine les albums Dreamin' My Dreams (incomplet) et Rich Kid Blues (rare et au complet).

Liste des titres[modifier | modifier le code]

  • RKB : titre issu de Rich Kid Blues
  • DMD : titre issu de Dreamin' My Dreams
  1. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan) RKB
  2. Mud Slide Slim (James Taylor) RKB
  3. Chords Of Fame (Phil Ochs) RKB
  4. Beware Of The Darkness (George Harrison) RKB
  5. Visions Of Johanna (Dylan) RKB
  6. Southern Butterfly (Tim Hardin) RKB
  7. Rich Kid Blues (Terry Reid) RKB
  8. Sad Lisa (Cat Stevens) RKB
  9. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Dylan) RKB
  10. Long Black Veil (Dill / Marijohn Wilkin) RKB
  11. Corrine, Corrina (Parish / Williams / Chatman) RKB
  12. Crazy Lady Blues (Sandy Denny) RKB
  13. Vanilla O'Lay (Jackie de Shannon) DMD
  14. This Time (Waylon Jennings) DMD
  15. I'm Not Lisa (Jessi Colter) DMD
  16. Dreamin' My Dreams (Allen Reynolds) DMD
  17. Lady Madeleine (Faithfull / Landis / Sheperd) DMD
  18. Wrong Road Again (Reynolds) DMD
  19. The Way You Want Me To Be (D. Price / T. Kelly) DMD
  20. All I Wanna Do In Life (Reynolds / Sandy Mason Theoret) DMD