George Macaulay Trevelyan

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George Macaulay Trevelyan
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George Macaulay Trevelyan

Welcombe House, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire,
Décès (à 86 ans)
Nationalité Drapeau du Royaume-Uni britannique

George Macaulay Trevelyan (né à Welcombe House, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, le , mort à Cambridge, le ) est un historien et un écrivain britannique.

Ses œuvres[modifier | modifier le code]

George Macaulay Trevelyan est un auteur prolifique :

  • England in the Age of Wycliffe (1899). The title of this work is somewhat misleading, since it treats of the political, social and religious conditions of England during the later years of Wiclef's life only. Six of the nine chapters are devoted to the years 1377-1385, while the last two treat the history of the Lollards from 1382 until the Reformation[1].
  • England Under the Stuarts (1904).
  • The Poetry and Philosophy of George Meredith (1906).
  • Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic (1907). This volume marks the entry of a new foreign historian in the field of Italian Risorgimento, a period much neglected, or, unworthily treated, outside of Italy[2].
  • Garibaldi and the Thousand (1909).
  • Garibaldi and the Making of Italy (1911).
  • The Life of John Bright (1913).
  • Clio: A Muse and Other Essays (1913).
  • Scenes From Italy's War (1919).
  • The Recreations of an Historian (1919).
  • Lord Grey of the Reform Bill (1920).
  • British History in the Nineteenth Century (1922).
  • Manin and the Venetian Revolution of 1848 (1923).
  • History of England (1926).
  • England Under Queen Anne:
    • Blenheim (1930).
    • Ramillies and the Union with Scotland (1932).
    • The Peace and the Protestant Succession (1934).
  • Sir George Otto Trevelyan: A Memoir (1932).
  • Grey of Fallodon (1937).
  • The English Revolution, 1688-1698 (1938).
  • Trinity College: An Historical Sketch (1943).
  • English Social History: A Survey of Six Centuries from Chaucer to Queen Victoria (1944).
  • An Autobiography and Other Essays (1949).
  • A Layman's Love of Letters (1954).

Références[modifier | modifier le code]

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