Eddie Bo

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Eddie Bo
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Informations générales
Nom de naissance Edwin Joseph Bocage
Drapeau : États-Unis La Nouvelle-Orléans
Décès (à 79 ans)
Genre musical Rhythm and blues, jazz et funk
Instruments Piano
Années actives Années 50 - 2009

Eddie Bo, de son vrai nom Edwin Joseph Bocage (né le à La Nouvelle-Orléans et mort le [1]) est un pianiste, compositeur et chanteur de jazz et funk. Il utilisait le style New-Orleans.

Il fut un ami cher de Ray Charles et joua avec Fats Domino.

Discographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Année Titre Ref
2001 We Come To Party (CD) BO-SOUND
1998 Nine Yards Of Funk (CD) BO-SOUND
1997 The Best of Eddie Bo (CD) Hubbub HUBCD16
1997 Eddie Bo Hole In It (CD) Soulciety me00673
1997 A Shoot From the Root (CD) Soulciety me00452
1996 Back Up This Train (CD) BO4596
1993 Eddie Bo New Orleans Piano Riffs for DJs (CD) Tuff City 3001
1992 Brink of A New Day (Cassette Only) Eboville 101
1988 Check Mr. Popeye (CD/LP) Rounder 2077
1988 Vippin and Voppin (LP) Charly
1984 Watch For The Coming (LP) Bo-Sound
1979 Another Side of Eddie Bo (LP) Bo-Sound
1970 Check Your Bucket Bo-Sound
1970 The Rubber Band (Parts 1 & 2) Knight 303
1969 If It's Good For You [It's Good For You] (Parts 1 & 2) Scram 119
1969 Hook and Sling (Parts 1 & 2) Scram 117
1967 Lover And A Friend/If I Had To Do It Over Seven B 7017
1967 Stone Graveyard Business/Solid Foundation Seven B 7015
1967 His Love For Me Seven B
1967 Key To My Heart Seven B
1967 All I Ask Of You / Skate It Out Seven B 7011
1967 Just Friends/Fence of Love Seven B 7008
1966 Since I Found You Seven B
1966 Let Our Love Begin/From This Day On Seven B 7005
1966 Ooh Wee Baby What You Gonna Do/Fallin' In Love Again Seven B 7002
1965 Pass The Hatchet Seven B 7001
1964 At least eight additional titles for Blue Jay Blue Jay
1964 Gotta Have More/Come With Me Blue Jay 154
1963 Fare Thee Well/Let's Do It Chess
1963 Fare Thee Well/Let's Do It Arrow 711
1963 Reassure Me/Shake Rattle and Roll Cinderella 1203
1963 I Found A Little Girl/Hold Me At Last 1006
1963 Te Na Na Na Nay/Twinkle Toes At Last 1005
1963 Tee Na Na/Mama Said Rip 160
1963 Woman/Temptation Rip 159
1962 Let's Limbo/Mo-Jo Rip
1962 Baby I'm Wise/Roamin'itis Ric 989
1962 Check Mr. Popeye (Part 1)/Now Let's Popeye (Part 2) Swan 4099
1962 I Got To Know/Bless The Darling Ric 985
1962 I Just Keep Rolling Rip
1962 You're The Only One/You're With Me Chess 1833
1962 You're The Only One/Something's Working and Holding Rip 156
1962 Bless Us All/When You Cry Your Heart Out Rip 154
1961 Dinky Doo/Everybody, Everything Needs Love Capitol 4617
1961 Dinky Doo/Everybody, Everything Needs Love Ric 981
1961 Ain't You Ashamed Ric
1961 Check Mr. Popeye/Now Let's Popeye Swan 4099
1961 Check Mr. Popeye/Now Let's Popeye Ric 978
1960 It Must Be Love/What A Fool I've Been Ric 977
1960 Tell It Like It Is/Every Dog Has His Day Ric 969
1960 Warm Daddy/Ain't It the Truth Now Ric 964
1959 You Got Your Mojo Working/Everybody Knows Ric 964
1959 I'll Do Anything Ric
1959 Hey There Baby/I Need Someone Ric 962
1958 I'll Keep On Trying/I Love To Rock and Roll Ace 555
1957 Hip Hip Hooray Chess
1957 Oh Oh/My Dearest Darling Chess 1698
1957 Every Day, Every Night/Indeed I Do/Walk That Walk Rarin' LP 555 Checker 877
1957 Walk That Walk Chess
1956 Dearest One/Too Much of a Good Thing Apollo 509
1956 Tell Me Why/Hey Bo Apollo 504
1956 My Heart Was Meant For You/I Cry Oh Apollo 499
1956 Please Forgive Me/I'll Be Satisfied Apollo 496
1956 I'm Wise/Happy Tears Apollo 486
1955 I'm So Tired/We Like Mambo (Huey Smith) Ace 515
1955 Baby/So Glad (as Little Bo) Ace 501

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