Infinite Ryvius

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Infinite RYVIUS

(Mugen no Ryvius)
Genre science fiction, psychodrama
Anime japonais
Studio d’animation Sunrise
Chaîne Drapeau du Japon TV Tokyo
1re diffusion
Épisodes 26
Scénariste Yousuke Kuroda
Dessinateur Shinsuke Kurihashi
Éditeur Drapeau du Japon MediaWorks
Prépublication Drapeau du Japon Dengeki Daioh
Sortie initiale 2004 – 2005
Volumes 2

Infinite Ryvius' (無限のリヴァイアス, Mugen no Rivaiusu?) est un anime de 26 episodes diffusé pour la première fois en 1999. Il est ensuite paru une version manga en 2000, qui comporte 2 tomes.

Histoire[modifier | modifier le code]

Généralités[modifier | modifier le code]

  • 2137 : une gigantesque éruption solaire se propage à travers le système solaire, créant un champ de plasma permanent entre toutes les planètes du système solaire, appelé par la suite le Gehuld. La Terre a perdu à cette occasion la moitié de sa population (celle se trouvant côté soleil).
  • 2225 : l'humanité a accéléré son développement spatial et colonisé presque l'ensemble du système solaire. L'histoire racontée dans Infinite Ryvius démarre ici.

Anime[modifier | modifier le code]

Musique[modifier | modifier le code]

Infinite RYVIUS Original Soundtrack 1[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. DIS (Club Mix version)
  2. nani mo shiranakutemo
  3. boku no setsuna
  6. mishiranu mono (L'inconnu)
  7. kokoro no sukima
  8. kuzureyuku mono
  10. kobore ochite
  11. yume wo sugite mo (remix version) (même après le rêve)
  12. communication
  14. ikinobiru kanata
  16. maemuki ni
  17. COOL!
  18. DIS (English version)
  19. yume wo sugitemo
  20. DIS (karaoke version)
  21. yume wo sugitemo (karaoke version)

Infinite RYVIUS Original Soundtrack 2[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. harakunaru sasayaki (Distancing Whisper)
  2. nani mo shiranakutemo (Unaware of Anything)
  3. toge (Thorn; performed by Mika Arisaka)
  4. mukai aumono (Face To Face)
  5. genjitsuto no haza made (Until Reality Shows Its Face)
  6. kokoro no kakera (Fragments of the Heart)
  7. itoshi sa no nakade (Into Beauty)
  8. hayaru kokoro (Thriving Heart)
  9. utsutsu narumono (Taking Revenge)
  10. tawamurete (Flirting)
  11. mitsumete (Watching)
  12. shijirarerumono wa (Of Disbelief)
  13. yume wo sugitemo (Even After Dreaming)
  14. mirai e no ippo (A Step Towards the Future)
  15. aragaenumama
  16. sasurai tsuzukete (Continued Wandering)
  17. tsumugareta fuan (Spun Anxiety)
  18. ketsui to koudou to (Decision and Action)
  19. todoketai kokoro (Undeliverable Heart)
  20. shinkirou no you ni (Like A Mirage)
  21. ashita ga arukara (Because There Will Be Tomorrow)
  22. yamikara no hohoemi (Smile From The Shadows)
  23. shiritakatakoto (Things I Wanted to Know)
  24. yume wo sugimoto (Even After Dreaming; performed by Mika Arisaka)
  25. todoketai kokoro (Undeliverable Heart; Reggae Phil Mix)
  26. H (Mega Mix)

Infinite RYVIUS Original Soundtrack 3[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. M.I.D. ANTHEM
  2. DIS~ (Song Bird Mix; performed by Mika Arisaka)
  3. BLUE WRECKAGE (performed by Noriko)
  4. CODE-026
  5. aoi tori no yukue (performed by Mika Arisaka)
  6. menterae
  7. GOING (performed by Kaori)
  8. JUST (Interlude)
  9. THE NEPHILIMS (performed by Bambaataa Afrika)
  10. kanashiki hyouryuu (performed by DJ MA$A)
  11. SEE THE LIGHT (performed by Smooth Bee)
  12. tobira (performed by DJ MA$A)
  15. DIS~ (Terra Mix; performed by Mika Arisaka)

Liste des épisodes[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Sere 1 - きたるべきとき/Kitarubeki toki; A Time That Should Come (or The Forthcoming Time)
  • Sere 2 - よけいなこと/Yokei na koto; Unnecessary Things
  • Sere 3 - うなばらをこえて/Unabara wo koete; Crossing The Ocean (or Beyond the Vast Sea)
  • Sere 4 - リヴァイアスのわ/Rivaiasu no wa; Ring Of Ryvius
  • Sere 5 - ちいさなまとまり/Chiisana matomari; A Small Settlement (or A Little Harmony)
  • Sere 6 - ぼくのせつな/Boku no setsuna; My Moment
  • Sere 7 - かわりゆくとき/Kawari-yuku toki; The Changing Times
  • Sere 8 - なにもしらなかった/Nanimo shiranakatta; We Didn't Know Anything
  • Sere 9 - ヴァイタル・ガーダー/Vaitaru Gaadaa; Vital Guarder
  • Sere 10 - しんじられなくても/Shinjirarenakutemo; Even If It's Unbelievable (or Even If You Can't Believe)
  • Sere 11 - まつりのあと/Matsuri no ato; After The Festival (or When the Party's Over)
  • Sere 12 - みらいのありか/Mirai no arika; Whereabouts of the Future
  • Sere 13 - ふれあうことしか/Fureau koto shika; We Can Only Touch Each Other (or If Only to Meet)
  • Sere 14 - いしきしすぎ/Ishiki shisugi; Overly Conscious (or To Be Too Conscious)
  • Sere 15 - ながされるままに/Nagasareru mama ni; As If We Were Set Adrift (or Swept Away)
  • Sere 16 - ゆがむせかい/Yugamu sekai; Distorted World (or Deforming World)
  • Sere 17 - じゆうのちつじょ/Jiyuu no chitsujo; Free Order
  • Sere 18 - わかりあえない/Wakariaenai; We Didn't Understand (or Incomprehensible)
  • Sere 19 - えがおできみと/Egao de kimi to; Smiling With You
  • Sere 20 - ゆずれないもの/Yuzurenai mono; Things You Can't Give Up
  • Sere 21 - あしたなんかいらない/Ashita nanka iranai; We Don't Need Tomorrow
  • Sere 22 - いきのこるために/Ikinokoru tame ni; For The Sake Of Surviving (or In Order To Survive)
  • Sere 23 - ちぎれたかこ/Chigireta kako; The Torn-Off Past
  • Sere 24 - あいばこうじ/Aiba Kouji; Kouji Aiba
  • Sere 25 - おれであるために/Ore de aru tame ni; For The Sake Of Being Myself (or In Order To Be Me)
  • Sere 26 - あした/Ashita; Tomorrow