Dust (album d'Ellen Allien)

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Album de Ellen Allien
Durée 45:53
Genre Techno
Format CD  –  LP 2 x 12"
Label BPitch Control

Albums de Ellen Allien

Compilation des critiques
Périodique Note
AllMusic 3 étoiles sur 5[1]
The Guardian 4 étoiles sur 5[2]
Resident Advisor 3.5 étoiles sur 5[3]

Dust est un album d'Ellen Allien, sorti en 2010 sur son label BPitch Control.

Liste des morceaux[modifier | modifier le code]

No Titre Durée
1. Ourutopie 4:11
2. Flashy Flashy 4:23
3. My Tree 3:48
4. Sun the Rain 4:27
5. Should We Go Home 6:54
6. Ever 6:10
7. You 2:50
8. Dream 4:27
9. Huibuh 4:33
10. Schlumi 4:10

Notes et références[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. (en) K. Ross Hoffman, « Dust - Ellen Allien », sur AllMusic : « Differently inclined listeners may find some tracks too rote and uneventful, others too meandering and unfocused; likewise, Allien's evident inclination to have it all ways at once could come off as a timid or tepid, a failure to strike a strong, distinctive course for the album. But there's something inviting about her willingness to dabble and play here, trying on various stylistic hats and embracing the pleasures and potential pitfalls of each. »
  2. (en) Alex Macpherson, « Ellen Allien: Dust », sur The Guardian,
  3. (en) Noah Barron, « Ellen Allien - Dust », sur Resident Advisor,  : « If Berlinette is the sound of an electrified Europescape in the last nights before the end and Sool is the breathy muttering of runtimes in the aftermath of a post-human world, then Dust is the first inkling of a new primitive hunter-gatherer civilization of sentient androids that just sort of want to chill and drink daiquiris. Despite a few sonically unimaginative moments, I for one am definitely down to hang out and watch the sun rise over the healing planet. »