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Bobby Bare
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Bobby Bare


Bobby Bare, né Robert Joseph Bare le à Ironton (Ohio), est un chanteur et parolier de musique country. Il est le père de Bobby Bare junior, né en 1966, lui aussi musicien.

Carrière de chanteur[modifier | modifier le code]

Début de carrière[modifier | modifier le code]

Bare avait vainement proposé ses chansons dès les années 1950. Il signa finalement avec Capitol Records et enregistra quelques morceaux de rock and roll, sans succès. Son jour de chance arriva en 1959 alors qu'il allait partir au service militaire: il réalisa une démo de "The All-American Boy" pour son ami Bill Parsons, et la compagnie Fraternity Records décida de diffuser la démo plutôt que l'enregistrement réalisé ensuite. Ce fut un succès du Billboard mais sous le nom de Bill Parsons[1],[2]

Carrière chez RCA (1962–1970)[modifier | modifier le code]

La grande percée en country music arriva chez RCA Records. Le premier morceau publié fut "Shame on me" en 1962.

... to be continued ...

Carrière chez Mercury (1970–1972)[modifier | modifier le code]

Bare passa chez Mercury Records en 1970 ...

Seconde carrière chez RCA (1973–1977)[modifier | modifier le code]

Après une paire d'années chez Mercury, Bobby retourna chez RCA Records en 1973 ...

Carrière chez Columbia Records (1978–1983)[modifier | modifier le code]

Bobby signa avec Columbia Records et continua avec des succès comme "Sleep Tight Good Night Man" ...

Acteur de cinéma[modifier | modifier le code]


Aujourd'hui dans la country music[modifier | modifier le code]

De 1983 à 1988, Bobby présenta Bobby Bare and Friends sur The Nashville Network (aujourd'hui Spike TV). ...

Discographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Albums[modifier | modifier le code]

Year Album Chart Positions Label
US Country US
1963 "Detroit City" And Other Hits 9 119 RCA Victor
500 Miles Away from Home 9 133
1964 The Travelin' Bare 14
1965 Tunes for Two (w/ Skeeter Davis) 8
Constant Sorrow
1966 The Best of Bobby Bare
Talk Me Some Sense 6
The Streets of Baltimore 7
This I Believe 17
1967 The Game of Triangles (w/ Norma Jean & Liz Anderson) 16
A Bird Named Yesterday 20
The English Country Side (w/ The Hillsliders) 29
1968 The Best of Bobby Bare - Volume 2 33
1969 (Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn
(And Other Controversial Country Songs)
1970 Your Husband My Wife (w/ Skeeter Davis)
Real Thing
This Is Bare Country 37 Mercury
1971 Where Have All the Seasons Gone 44
I Need Some Good News Bad
1972 What Am I Gonna Do? 19
High and Dry
1973 I Hate Goodbyes / Ride Me Down Easy 31 RCA Victor
Bobby Bare Sings Lullabies, Legends and Lies 5
1974 Singin' in the Kitchen (Bobby Bare and Family) 27
1975 Hard Time Hungrys 33
Cowboys and Daddys 21
1976 The Winner and Other Losers 18
1977 Me and McDill 27
1978 Bare 44 Columbia
Sleep Wherever I Fall
1980 Down & Dirty 21
Drunk & Crazy 47
1981 As Is 43
1982 Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose 29
1983 Drinkin' from the Bottle

Singles[modifier | modifier le code]

Year Single Chart Positions Album
US Country US US AC
1959 "The All-American Boy" (as Bill Parsons) 2 Detroit City
1962 "Shame on Me" 18 23
1963 "Detroit City" 6 16 4
"500 Miles Away from Home" 5 10 4 500 Miles Away From Home
1964 "Miller's Cave" 4 33 The Best of Bobby Bare
"I Have Stayed Away Too Long" 47 94 single only
"Four Strong Winds" 3 60 The Best of Bobby Bare
1965 "A Dear John Letter" (with Skeeter Davis) 11 Tunes for Two
"Times Are Gettin' Hard" 30 Constant Sorrow
"It's All Right" 7
"Just to Satisfy You" 31
"Talk Me Some Sense" 26 Talk Me Some Sense
1966 "In the Same Old Way" 34 single only
"Streets of Baltimore" 5 Streets of Baltimore
"The Game of Triangles" (with Liz Anderson and Norma Jean) 5 The Game of Triangles
"Homesick" 38
1967 "Charlestown Railroad Tavern" 16 The Best of Bobby Bare Vol. 2
"Come Kiss Me Love" 14
1968 "Find Out What's Happening" (with The Hillsiders) 15 English Country Side
"Little Bit Later on Down the Line" 14 Talk Me Some Sense
"Town That Broke My Heart" 16 single only
1969 "(Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn" 4 Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
"Which One Will It Be" 19 single only
"God Bless America Again" 16 This Is Bobby Bare
1970 "Your Husband, My Wife" (with Skeeter Davis) 22 Your Husband, My Wife
"That's How I Got to Memphis" 3 This Is Bare Country
"Come Sundown" 7
1971 "Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends" 8 Where Have All the Seasons Gone
"Short and Sweet" 57 I Need Some Good News Bad
1972 "What Am I Gonna Do" 13 What Am I Gonna Do
"Sylvia's Mother" 12
1973 "I Hate Goodbyes" 25 I Hate Goodbyes/Ride Me Down Easy
"Ride Me Down Easy" 11
"You Know Who" 30
1974 "Daddy, What If" (with Bobby Bare Jr.) 2 41 Lullabyes, Legends and Lies
"Marie Laveau" 1
1975 "Singin' in the Kitchen" (with His Family) 29 Singin' in the Kitchen
"Back in Huntsville Again" 23 Hard Time Hungries
"Alimony" 18
"Cowboys and Daddys" 29 Cowboys and Daddys
1976 "The Winner" 13 The Winner and Other Losers
"Put a Little Lovin' on Me" 23
"Drop Kick Me Jesus" 17
1977 "Vegas" (with Jeannie Bare) 30 The Essential Bobby Bare
"Look Who I'm Cheatin' on Tonight" 21 Me and McDill
1978 "Sleep Tight Good Night Man" 11 Bare
1979 "No Memories Hangin' Round" (with Rosanne Cash) 17 Bobby Bare: The Columbia Years
1980 "Numbers" 11 Down and Dirty
1982 "New Cut Road" 18 As Is
1983 "It's a Dirty Job" (with Lacy J. Dalton) 30 Bobby Bare: The Columbia Years
"The Jogger" 29 Drinkin' from the Bottle

Références[modifier | modifier le code]

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