Next Year in Zion

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Next Year In Zion
Album de Herman Düne
Sortie 9 septembre 2008
Durée 47:02
Genre Anti-folk
Producteur Herman Düne
Label Source Etc.

Albums de Herman Düne

Next Year In Zion est un album de Herman Düne sorti le 9 septembre 2008.

Liste des morceaux[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. My Home Is Nowhere Without You
  2. Try To Think About Me
  3. When The Sun Rose Up This Morning
  4. When We Were Still Friends
  5. On A Saturday
  6. My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks
  7. Lovers Are Waterproof
  8. Next Year In Zion
  9. Someone Knows Better Than Me
  10. My Best Kiss
  11. Baby Baby You're My Baby
  12. (Nothing Left But) Poison In The Rain