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carte groenland[modifier]

Bonjour Sting,

Je ai trouvé votre carte du Groenland sur Wikimedia et je me demande si vous êtes en mesure de me indiquer la source de l'image originale à la NOAA ou partout où il se trouve.

Je termine un livre de fiction qui se déroule dans le Groenland et souhaitez inclure une version de la carte en elle.

est-il un problème dans utilisant simplement votre carte (ou un dérivé) dans un livre imprimé dans le commerce - bien sûr la carte ne serait noté comme Share Alike dans la section des crédits.

Merci, Wayne


Hello Sting / Eric,

I found your Greenland map on Wikimedia and I am wondering if you are able to point me to the original image source at the NOAA or wherever it is located.

I am finishing a fictional book that takes place in Greenland and would like to include a version of the map in it.

is there any problem in just using your map (or a derivative) in a commercially printed book - of course the map only would be noted as Share Alike in the credits section as well as credit to you.

Thanks, Wayne

Hello Wayne. I answered on your discussion page. Sting (m'écrire) 9 janvier 2015 à 20:43 (CET)

Font used on Greenland map[modifier]

Hello again Eric/Sting

I contacted you earlier about using your Greenland map in a project. Thanks. I am just now getting around to making some small modifications to the map - removed the GISP2 notation in the center. I also want to add a couple of place names. Can you tell me what font you used for the city names? Thanks.

thanks for the details on which fonts you used. If you are at all interested, I will let you know when the book has been published. It should be in the 2Q 2015.

Invitation à rejoindre le Cercle des dix ans[modifier]

Ten Year Society.svg


Le temps passe mais le projet Wikipédia demeure ! Je t'invite à rejoindre le Cercle des dix ans, un groupe informel de contributeurs qui ont participé à Wikipédia depuis 10 ans ou plus.
Amicalement, — Hégésippe (discuter) [opérateur] 10 août 2015 à 11:30 (CEST)

Map of Battle of Greece (World War II)[modifier]

Dear Sir,

The Museum of Byzantine Culture (www.mbp.gr), among the most important public museums in Greece that was awarded the Council of Europe Museum Prize in 2005, is currently organizing a temporary exhibition titled “On the margins of war: Thessaloniki under the German Occupation (1941-1944) through the photographic collection of Byron Metos”. The exhibition, planned to take place in early 2016, is going to be a collaboration of the Museum with Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (www.thmphoto.gr), the only public institution in Greece exclusively dedicated to the photographic medium.

Based in Thessaloniki, Byron Metos has been collecting photographs of the two World Wars in Greece. Numbering more than 800 photographs, the part of his collection that is to be displayed at the forthcoming exhibition consists of photographs of German soldiers who served their military service in Greece during the years of the Occupation (1941-1944). These documents were systematically collected by an anonymous German soldier, who during the Second World War had served in the Health Service of the Nazi army in the Balkans. Upon his return, in an attempt to trace his own route, he started searching for photographic documents of the places he had been. Hence, he got in touch with fellow soldiers and acquired their photographic souvenirs. After his death, the collection passed to his daughter, who in the 1980s sold the part regarding Greece, namely more than 3000 photographs, to Byron Metos and wished to retain her father’s anonymity. The collection is of great interest for Thessaloniki, as it documents a period in the city’s history that remains largely obscure. Although consisting mainly of photographs of tourist nature, it comprises a few samples of the photographic activity of the Propaganda Kompanien.

In this framework, we wish to illustrate the Battle of Greece and we believe that your map constitutes an excellent material for our purposes. Hence, we would be grateful, if you could provide us the above-mentioned map in a high resolution version. Taking into consideration our limited budget as well as the scholar character of the exhibition, it would be very significant for us, if you could provide us with the above-mentioned material free of charge. Evidently, all the credits and copyright would be clearly mentioned in both the exhibition and the eventual publication that will accompany it.

Should you need further information on our project, please do not hesitate to contact us. -- (discuter) 28 août 2015 à 11:04 (CEST) Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ioannis Motsianos, Archaeologist, Museum of Byzantine Culture motsianos@gmail.com imotsianos@culture.gr