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Welcome to the french snooker project! Sweet to see a new member in it cause well, we were just two before you joined. New templates are always appreciated so thanks. As for your french, let's say there's room for improvement but heh, that's not a big deal. I'll fix what doesn't sound correct. Toghebon (d) 15 janvier 2013 à 19:28 (CET)

Thanx for your warm welcome. On the german Wiki I'm working mostly on french billard (95%), less on snooker. There are a lot of people working on snooker. But I figured that some help on the french page would be good. Just let me know when I can help out on carom or snooker so that I can make a transcription from the german article. On the other hand I would like to translate some of my carom articles to french. If you look here or here you will notice that there its lots of text. In my opinion too much for a machine translation. If you are interested in help, let me know. --LezFraniak (d) 15 janvier 2013 à 19:44 (CET)
Well to be fair I'm rather in snooker only, I don't know much about french billiard. My skills in german are quite limited, but I'll give you a bit of help as long as it's needed. Online translators don't work very well between german/english and french. Toghebon (d) 15 janvier 2013 à 20:25 (CET)
I don't how it works with the copyright of logos in the french WP. Do you see a way to get this [1] and [2] logo for the articles? --LezFraniak (d) 15 janvier 2013 à 21:34 (CET)

Well I'm definitely not an expert about logos, I'll try to upload them anyway. I know that french wiki isn't too friendly with sponsors (so I might have to clear the sponsors section you added on the Welsh Open page). By the way, it'd be nice if you left the tables the way they are on the general articles. It's been decided that they should feature the year, the location, the two finalists and the final score, and nothing else. It's not a big deal anyway.

I've created the template Modèle:Palette Saison 2012-2013 de snooker, which features all ranking tourneys of the 2012-13 season, so that we can work together on completing it.

So that you know, here are the snooker project's guidelines. They indicate which player or tournament is admissible on the french wiki. They may look pretty narrow but they're also flexible.

You may create an article for a player who

  • Has reached the final of the World Snooker Championship
  • Has won a ranking tournament, excluding minor-ranking tournaments
  • Has featured amongst the top 16 players of the world ranking
  • Has qualified for the Masters
  • Has made himself notable by his contribution to the development of snooker

You may create a general article (for example German Masters) for a tournament which

You may create a particular article for each annual staging (for example UK Championship 2012) of a tournament which

Here's all you need to know :) The dead links like Kurt Maflin are cleared for non-admissible players. Kurt Maflin becomes Kurt Maflin. Admissible players like Liang Wenbo keep their dead link, in the wait for their articles to be created. Toghebon (d) 17 janvier 2013 à 18:51 (CET)

Thanx for the great guideline. Helps a lot. I dont't see me in the position being able to understand the copyrights in french (I even have problems to understand it in german ;-) ). So it is up on you or someone else you might know. The point with the sponsors I might not decide. But I think it is part of the particular tournament (like they have their name, e.g. Benson & Hedges Open) and not an advertisement. You may decide if you leave it or delete it. I'm usually putting in as many information as I think an article needs to get understand by someone who is not involved in the theme. I better keep my eye on general and individual tournament articles than on player bios, because of my bad french (too much text). Having a sentence here and there it is easier for you to fix than the mess I will leave you in writing bios. But I might make some extensions on the bios in form of tables etc. if necessary. In germany we call the dead-links red-links. Means, this is an offer for an author to write about it, not a fault. Will take me a while to figure out who has an article and who needs the extension (snooker) in his title. We count all players which are playing on the main tour (96) as important, so Maflin is part of it as he qualified over Q-School. But anyway. I probably make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, due to the fact the every WP is different. Sorry for that. I feel like a newbee! Btw. is the part with the maps OK? What I'm having problems with, is the part with the Categories. Please check that also. I try my best, but I think you have to wipe after me for a while: ;-) --LezFraniak (d) 17 janvier 2013 à 20:04 (CET)
Oh yeah I didn't use the rowspan function on the tables, but I guess we should fix it. Toghebon (d) 17 janvier 2013 à 21:35 (CET)

Redirection broken[modifier le code]

Hello there, any idea why the link to de:German Masters 2013 on the German Masters 2013 article leads here? Can't get the link to work properly! Toghebon (d) 30 janvier 2013 à 23:18 (

well, actually I was wondering about the same thing. Couldn't figure out yet where the problem is. I check tomorrow. --LezFraniak (d) 30 janvier 2013 à 23:51 (CET)
Try to fix it by deleting the link, but it didn't work. The link was gone in the edit window, but still shown at the left side. Really don't know what's going on. Can you ask an admin? --LezFraniak (d) 31 janvier 2013 à 13:20 (CET)
Fixed. Modèle:BoxFinaleSnooker contained an interwiki link to de:Vorlage:Box Snookerfinale, and it was transcluded to German Masters 2013, because it was placed after </noinclude>. Armbrust (d) 31 janvier 2013 à 13:36 (CET)
Thanx Armbrust. --LezFraniak (d) 31 janvier 2013 à 14:07 (CET)

Modèle:BoxFinaleSnooker‎, List of Referees[modifier le code]

Hi, you had the same ides than me. I just wanted to ask about that. In some articles I found a different color (yellow instead of the actual light green) in the box. This would fit to the other Wikis like en, de and pl. What do you think? The en. and de Wiki has a List of snooker referees. Interested? If yes, I can translate, with help from you. (Hope Selby wins, will be there tonite for the quaterf-finale.) --LezFraniak (d) 1 février 2013 à 14:59 (CET)

Well that green color was actually made on purpose. I can't find a link between that yellow color and snooker itself. Green sounds much better to me because at least it's the color of a snooker table, you know, it's fitting. By the way, all wikis don't need to look exactly like the same so I think we'll stick to the green stuff for now. Sourire
On the other hand a list of snooker referees would be really appreciated. I doubt we've even got a single article about a snooker referee on .fr but there are some who deserve one for sure. Toghebon (d) 1 février 2013 à 15:29 (CET)
So do you want to change from yellow to green in the older articles? the older boxes also show the single frame results. What about that? --LezFraniak (d) 1 février 2013 à 15:35 (CET)
Fixed Modèle:World Snooker Championship Rounds, switched yellow to green (figured out I had already done it before but heh, looks like I didn't >_<). I don't get the single frame results thing you talked about. Do you mean these? Toghebon (d) 1 février 2013 à 15:53 (CET)
Thats not what i mean, but I can't find an example right now. But it looks like the final boxes in en and de. the Template needs a „Modèle copie". Can you do that? --LezFraniak (d) 1 février 2013 à 16:17 (CET)
Oh ok what you need is a line to place the frame by frame results of the final like these :
Afternoon: 12–58, 1–73 (73), 23–102 (102), 83–1 (78), 1–84 (84), 45–69, 74–9 (63), 87–0 (72) Evening: 8–80 (67), 48–63, 0–72, 81–6 (74), 91–8 (83), 69–50, 27–58, 9–84
I gotta say I'm not too keen on the idea because this looks like a bit of a mess to me, but I'm gonna ask Mats01 to join the discussion, from there on we'll take decisions. If you want to create the list of snooker referees, I think the appropriate name should be "Liste des arbitres internationaux de snooker". Toghebon (d) 1 février 2013 à 18:04 (CET)
I'm fine with any decision. So what ever you guys like. Now I have to hurry up. Have a meeting with Selby and Robertson. Hope I can catch an autograph for my Queue. Talk to you tomorrow. --LezFraniak (d) 1 février 2013 à 18:33 (CET)
Ho, lucky boy! Take some pictures for wikipedia! See you tomorrow Toghebon (d) 1 février 2013 à 18:36 (CET)
Well, It was a nice Evening. Only Selby/Hawkins was boring. The german author DerHexer has a press-licence and is taking photos. He said the he already has made more than 780. So no need for me taking pictures. Here you can find his gallery from German Masters 2012. No autograph for my queue stick Face-crying.svg--LezFraniak (d) 2 février 2013 à 15:51 (CET)

Championnat du monde de 3 bandes[modifier le code]

Checked and fixed! Thanks for the picture Sourire Toghebon (discuter) 25 octobre 2013 à 15:07 (CEST)

German Masters 2014[modifier le code]

I was thinking of using it somewhere else cause it was hindering the table of the first section and it didn't look good at all. Anyway if you could take a picture of this arena with players and spectators it would be awesome. Toghebon (discuter) 31 janvier 2014 à 21:26 (CET)

Hi, of you write more then the problem is gone. ;-) It mighty be a good idea to work with a gallery. Same problem on WP:en. We will see when the tournament is finished. To the Little Arena: they didn't want us to take photos, because it is so noisy and disturbes the Players. So this will bei the only One with the leftover referee. Greetings. --LezFraniak (discuter) 31 janvier 2014 à 23:36 (CET)
Unfortunately I don't have enough time to make the same work as in the masters de snooker 2014 so there is a lot of pictures available and few text, which means I have to make choices in the pictures I am going to use in this article. The one right below the infobox is here to stay but I might well use different pictures in the rest of the article. I'll wait for the final before I make up my mind. Toghebon (discuter) 1 février 2014 à 11:50 (CET)

Modèle:Infobox Tournoi-Carambole-Article-Générale[modifier le code]

Hi! I'm doing some clean-up with templates and I have found this one you created end-May 2013. There are a lot of problems with this Template:

  1. Like all the templates you created, its name is not correct, it should be something like Modèle:Infobox Tournoi de billard carambole
  2. Parameters are not correct: there should be upercases
  3. Infobox are not programmed like that in WP:fr
  4. It is not used at all
  5. There is no category

Conclusion: do you authorise me to delete this Template? --FDo64 (discuter) 5 mars 2014 à 23:58 (CET)

Hi, sorry for answering late. I would be glad of you can fix wrong Parameters to fit to WP.:fr. I didn't Hand Time yet to write any article. Befördert you delete, please push it to my sandbox. Thanx in advance. LezFraniak (discuter) 13 mars 2014 à 03:39 (CET)
Fait Parameters have been fixed and the modèle has been moved to Utilisateur:LezFraniak/Infobox Tournoi de billard carambole.
Best regards. --FDo64 (discuter) 13 mars 2014 à 13:55 (CET)
Thanx for The Support. Best Regals. --LezFraniak (discuter) 17 mars 2014 à 03:41 (CET)