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Please provide the following information for your micro-grant request:

Your Username/Votre Pseudo: Score Beethoven

Your Country of residence/Pays de résidence: Belgium

Amount requested/Montant demandé: 150 €

Date (and duration) of the submission to the Grant request/Date (et durée) de soumission de la demande d'accompagnement : le 2022 mai 15, il y a 8 jours

Details below : Remboursement des frais d'une campagne de shooting Sur la route des chefferies du Cameroun...

Désignation En €
Tickets d'entrée au musée du Quai Branly 12€ x 2
Péages (Lille - Paris) X 2, repas X 4, hébergement en AirBnB x 1 126 €
Total 150 €

Planned activity:

  • Je souhaite faire une descente spéciale à Paris et réaliser 2 jours de photo reportage au musée du quai Branly dans le cadre de l'exposition temporaire "Sur la route des chefferies du Cameroun". J'offre gracieusement mon temps, mes compétences en photo reportage et mon matériel semi-pro (Drone Mavic Pro 2; Appareil photo Reflex Canon 5Ds, Canon TéléLens 100-400; Flash, LightRoom, ...)
  • Parmi les centaines de photos réalisées au format raw, les meilleures seront traitées sur Lightroom et publiées en licence libre sur wiki commons; celles-ci seront utilisées pour améliorer les articles sur les chefferies du Cameroun déjà présentes sur le portail Bamiléké.

People involved
(e.g. How many people can benefit from the micro grant you request):

  • Score Beethoven and 2 to max 3 other contributors who will remotely contribute to load, insert the pictures on articles Yasminkaa, ... They will have direct access to the pictures before the filtering/selection job.
  • All the contributors and readers of the improved articles will benefit from the improvement and there will be better layouts and attractivity on the articles on fr.Wikipedia about the chefferies Bamiléké
  • implémentation sur Wikipédia wikidata wiki commmons et l'ensemble des projets Wikimédia des photos retenues.

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects
(e.g. quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, no of new articles created / qualitative: strengthen the community of german-speaking wikipedia authors etc,):

  1. We will improve the quality of many articles in 3 months within the Portal Bamiléké.
  2. We will load the pictures in Commons, Wikidata and wikipédia within the Portal Bamiléké.
  3. We will create 5 to 50 articles on fr.wikipédia, within the Portal Cameroon and Bamiléké, during 3 months after the launch of the project.
  4. This project is a model starting with Cameroon and his implementation, dashboard and archives will be a "blue print" model to increase a better illustration and pictures on articles about African countries/cultures.

Please provide links to your contributions after your project or activity ended:

  • I will ask to an active member of the Wiki Wake Up Afrique team to monitor my project with a dashboard; to track the achievements accomplished with the Grant.

Please provide the links to the categories on Wikimedia Commons, to the articles on Wikipedia or any other contributions on Wikimedia projects:

  • I am an 9 years contributor to Wikipedia, not connected to any user group, but active and have mentored within and out of Wiki Wake Up Afrique in a cross and mulitnationnal environnement. I have created 1050 new articles on Wiki since 2013. Including categories and navigation pallets. [1] is my wikiscan with my past and currents contributions.
  • I participated into the intense first year unofficial existence of the Wiki Wake Up Afrique project (mid march 2021 till march 2022 inside a Telegram Group) to go and work beyond national (african) boundaries in french speaking african countries and within african diaspora and afro descent contributors.

Important: AFTER having submitted your request, please write an eMail to with your contact details (at least: Name, Surname, Email address)

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  • --Yasminkaa 13 mai 2022 à 23:12 (CEST) I am ready to improve the articles concerning Cameroon with pictures from this photo shooting.--Yasminkaa 13 mai 2022 à 23:12 (CEST)[répondre]