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Concept[modifier | modifier le code]

Heuritech is a SaaS solution that provides fashion, luxury, beauty[1] and sportswear brands, a vision of theirs market[2]. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to translate real-world images shared on social media (instagram and Weibo[3]) into insights[4], Heuritech support brands to forecast demand and trends and produce more sustainably.[5]

Heuritech is helping fashion company to reduce their waste: producing only what is likely to be sold.[6] By predicting trends 3, 6, 9 or 12 months before they happen[3], they help brands adapt their design and better plan their merchandise mix.[4] The data is used by product developers, marketers, purchasers, and merchandisers to help them with their design decisions.[7]

This AI can detect colour, styles, textures, brands,shapes[6] by scanning 3 million images per day[2]: 2000 attributes can be detected in an image[8] and 4000 trends have been detected by the solution since its creation.[9] The technology used are visual recognition[10], algorithms[7], and computer vision[8], a technology that extract informations from images and videos.

The company works with Louis Vuitton, Dior,[4][10], Paco Rabanne, Adidas, Kontoor Brands[2] and Fashion Cube[11].

"Not only can we see our products in these images, but we can identify trends, with people posting, and understand more about how our products are appearing in the wild and how people are using them to build their own identities."[12] said Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer at LVMH[13], about Heuritech's services.

History[modifier | modifier le code]

Heuritech was created in 2013 by 2 AI PHDs, Tony Pinville and Charles Ollion[2], initially looking to solve problems in the financial field.[8] During the first three years, they focused on finding use cases for the tools on various fields (finance, agriculture, mailing)[3]. They specialized themselves in 2016 into fashion and luxury markets.[7][14]

November 2016: Seed investment of 1.1 million euros [4]

2017: launch of the product analytics platform[7]

September 2019: $4 million series A with the following investors: venture capital funds Serena and Elaia, Jimmy Choo CEO Pierre Denis and Coralie de Fontenay (former Cartier executive)[2][7]

2019: new market trend platform[3]

2019: the company has 40 employees[7]

2020: new offices in New York[11] and Singapour[15]

Distinction[modifier | modifier le code]

- LVMH Innovation award in 2017[8][12]

- ReMode Fashion Awards "Best AI Solution" in 2018[16]

- Tony Pinville, win the Young Leaders Program of the French-American Foundation in June 2019[17]

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