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es-1 Este usuario tiene un conocimiento básico del español.
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Erlend Björtvedt, a native of Norway. I was born in January, 1969. I am vice chairman of Wikimedia Norway, and a sysop at No:Wiki. I am mostly writing on botanics, telecommunications, energy, geology, crustaceans, history, economics, universities, and politics.

I have a Cand.Philol. (M.Phil) in economic history, and currently work for the Telenor Group, a global telecommunications company. Before that, I worked as a director for Hill&Knowlton Norway. And even before that, I've had positions at the National Union of Students, the Norwegian parliament, and in political life. I also spent some marginal time doing research in economic history.

I started out as a farm boy, newspaper dealer, lorry hand, and a museum night guard.

That's me.

For a detailed user profile, see: Bruker:Bjoertvedt

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For my De:Wiki profile, see: Benutzer:Bjoertvedt

For my Commons profile, see: User:Bjoertvedt

For my blog in Norwegian, see Blog

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