Joana Zimmer

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Joana Zimmer
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Joana Zimmer (née le à Fribourg-en-Brisgau) est une chanteuse pop allemande dont la particularité est d'être aveugle.

Discographie[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. Love Is A Temple
  2. Lucky Star
  3. I Believe (Give A Little Bit ...)
  4. When We Dance
  5. I've Learned To Walk Alone
  6. What You Give Is What You Get
  7. Any Other Day
  8. Island In The Stream
  9. Got To Be Sure
  10. When You Love Somebody
  11. Miss You In My Arms
  12. In The End
  13. Because Of You
  • The Voice In Me (2006)
  1. Bringing Down The Moon
  2. Let's Get To The Love Part
  3. Have A Thing Tonight
  4. If It's Too Late
  5. Can't Fall Down
  6. In Between
  7. Don't Touch Me There
  8. Don't Weigh Me Down
  9. Strangest Thing
  10. History
  11. Bring It On
  12. Hearts Don't Lie
  13. What Is The Good In Goodbye
  14. Bonus Track: This Is My Life

Singles[modifier | modifier le code]

  • I Believe (Give A Little Bit...) ()
  • I've Learned To Walk Alone ()
  • Let's Make History ()
  • Bringing Down The Moon ()
  • If It's Too Late ()

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