Discussion:Liste des chefs d'État de l'Albanie

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This page contains errors. Before 1991 the only president of Albania has been Ramiz Alia All others may have been prime ministers. President charges (along with any other power) were covered by the Communist Party's first secretary, Enver Hoxha (life term). After 1991 The only presidents were Sali Berisha, Rexhep Mejdani, Alfred Moisiu and Bamir Topi. All others mentioned have either been Prime Ministers or Chiefs of the Parliament.

I'm sorry i'm writing this in English in French Wikipedia, but I don't speak French good enough

I don't remember exactly but i think Gjinushi, Abnorri and Islami were acting president of Albania. Alia resigned on April 3rd and Berisha was elected on April 9th, so someone must have been in charge for 6 days. (:Julien:) 14 juillet 2008 à 14:29 (CEST)