Zez Confrey

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Zez Confrey
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Informations générales
Nom de naissance Edward Elzear "Zez" Confrey
Peru, Illinois
Décès (à 76 ans)
Lakewood, New Jersey
Activité principale compositeur
Genre musical ragtime
Instruments piano
Années actives 1915-1959

Edward Elzear « Zez » Confrey est un pianiste et compositeur américain de musique ragtime, spécialiste du genre "novelty". Né le 3 avril 1895 dans l'Illinois, sa pièce la plus célèbre est Dizzy Fingers, publiée en 1921. Il décéda le 22 novembre 1971 dans le New Jersey.

Liste des compositions[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Fin des années 1910

On the Banks of Dear Old Illinois Over the Top Twaify's Piano [non publié]

  • 1921

My Pet Kitten On The Keys You Tell 'Em Ivories Greenwich Witch Poor Buttermilk

  • 1922

Stumbling Stumbling (Paraphrase) Coaxing The Piano Tricks Dumbell Dizzy Fingers Kitten On The Keys Song

  • 1923

Three Little Oddities Nickel In The Slot Anticipation Zez Confrey's Modern Course in Novelty Piano Playing

  • 1924

African Suite Who Do You Suppose?

  • 1925

Charleston Chuckles Träumerei [Schumann] Spring Song Melody In F [Mendelsohnn] Flower Song [Lange] Home Sweet Home Humorestless There's No One Can Love Me Like You Zez Confrey's Conception of Six Old Masterpieces for Piano

  • 1926

Fantasy (Classical) Fantasy (Jazz) Jack In The Box

  • 1927

Jay Walk Valse Mirage

  • 1928

Sparkling Waters

  • 1929

Concert Etude

Dizzy Fingers (1921)
  • 1931

Buffoon Heaven's Garden

  • 1932

Wistfulness Champagne Moods of a New Yorker (Suite) Indian Prayer Desert Dance In The South Of France Phantom Cadets

  • 1933

Grandfather's Clock Smart Alec

  • 1934

Sittin' On a Log, Pettin' My Dog

  • 1935

Arabian Maid Blue Tornado Giddy Ditty Lullaby From Mars Mouse's Hooves Rag Doll Dimples Rhythm Venture A Heart Like The Ocean Tin Pan Symphony

  • 1936

Audacity Motif Du Concert Midsummer's Nightmare Tap Dance Of The Chimes Meandering Ultra-Ultra Wise Cracker Suite Home-Run On The Keys Sugar Dance Sunshine From The Fingers

  • 1937

Sport Model Encore

  • 1939

The Hobble De Hoy

  • 1943

Forgive Me, Silent Soldier

  • 1944

Dancing Shadow Parade Of The Jumping Beans Pickle Pepper Polka Elihu's Harmonica

  • 1945

Tune For Mademoiselle Amazonia Flutter By Butterfly Rag Doll Carnival

  • 1949

Four Candy Pieces

  • 1951

Thanksgiving: A Miniature Opera Song Of Thanksgiving

  • 1959

Piano Sketch Of A Symphony Orchestra (based on Tschaikovsky themes) Fourth Dimension Four Circus Pieces

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