William Warde Fowler

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William Warde Fowler (16 mai 1847 – 15 juin 1921) était un historien et un ornithologue anglais, membre du Lincoln College d'Oxford. Il est connu pour ses travaux sur la religion de la Rome antique[1].

Publications[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Julius Caesar and the Foundation of the Roman Imperial System (1892)
  • The City-State of the Greeks and Romans: A Survey, Introductory to the Study of Ancient History (1893)
  • Study of a Typical Mediaeval Village (1895)
  • Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic (1899)
  • Social Life at Rome in the Age of Cicero (1908)
  • Roman Ideas of Deity in the Last Century Before the Christian Era (1914)
  • The Religious Experience of the Roman People, from the Earliest Times to the Age of Augustus (1911).
  • Rome (1912)
  • Roman Essays and Interpretations (1920).

Notes et références[modifier | modifier le code]

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