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Bistro des non-francophones - Bistro for non-French speakers

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This is a discussion page specially designed for people who do not speak French to discuss anything related to the French Wikipedia. You can also request assistance here. Messages can be added in any language including French, although relatively few contributors to French Wikipedia are fluent in languages other than French and English.

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  • You can ask anything about French language of Wikimedia projects;
  • You can ask anything about French language and French culture (or about the culture of any French-speaking country);
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  • You are very welcome to give us your advice and suggestions about the French Wikipedia;
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This page exists to help non-French-speaking contributors who wish to contribute to this Wikipedia. If you need any help, feel free to contact someone who will be able to help you in your native language. You can also ask your question in the Bistro for non-French-speakers.

Cette page permet aussi d’aider les contributeurs francophones à trouver un contact pour obtenir des informations sur la Wikipedia anglophone. Si vous avez besoin d’aide, contactez quelqu'un qui pourra vous aider en français et en anglais. Informez-vous aussi sur le Bistro des non-francophones.

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While researching an article about a Napoleonic battle in which General Jacques Pierre Louis Puthod is mentioned, I came across a name Lawemberg.

It seems to me that it is a misnomer.

The name can be found in 2 articles of the French Wikipedia

I suspect that instead Löwenberg in Schlesien is meant. The articles in the Polish and German Wikipedias are: pl:Lwówek Śląski de:Lwówek Śląski respectively.

Kpjas (discuter) 6 septembre 2017 à 11:52 (CEST)

@Kpjas Yes I think you’re right, it's Lowenberg here , here, here (Loewenberg), and here. It clearly match with the location of the Battle of Katzbach, and Płaskowice (Plagwitz) where Puthod was at the end of august 13. SourireGrandCelinien (discuter) 11 novembre 2017 à 11:57 (CET)

Orthographe française

Pourquoi le caractère des deux points ( : ) est précédé de un espace? --Marcello Gianola (discuter) 24 novembre 2017 à 08:16 (CET)

C'est une règle de typographie pour l'écriture du français. it:Spazio (punteggiatura)#Spazi e punteggiatura.
Cordialement. -- Habertix (discuter) 25 novembre 2017 à 01:44 (CET).
Mi domandano di tradurre in italiano la risposta di Habertix per una migliore comprensione. La punteggiatura in francese raccomanda sempre lo spazio (chiamato “espace fine”, molto stretto) davanti a certi punti (:;?!«»). Se non dico male, questa pratica non c'è (più) in tipografia italiana. — Le message qui précède, non signé, a été déposé par Enzino (discuter).

Traité de Bärwalde and Traité de Barwald

Traité de Bärwalde and Traité de Barwald look like articles about the same thing. Can anyone help confirm about this? Thanks.--ネイ (discuter) 14 janvier 2018 à 18:14 (CET)

Well, it looks like it is the same thing. Assassas77 (discuter) 14 janvier 2018 à 20:03 (CET)
Thank you very much.--ネイ (discuter) 15 janvier 2018 à 03:05 (CET)

April 1st - Wikipedia as Minitel like pages?

(Please feel free to translate this)

On some other Wikipedia there is an unofficial tradition of doing something interesting for April 1st.

I was considering for example makign some examples of what the English Wikivoyage Main page might look like as teletext/videotex style page.

According to English Wikipedia, There was a French developed Videotex system called Minitel, whose development was begun in 1978, 40 years ago, and which wasn't retired until 2012. So in an alternate timeline, maybe there could have been French language Wiki-dervied content on Minitel?

As French Wikipedia users are more likely to be familar with Minitel, then I would be ( UK had a different system called Prestel which had a different technical standard), I was wondering if there was anyone that would be interested in making some mock-ups of what something like Wikipedia on Minitel might have looked like as an item for April 1st? ShakespeareFan00 (discuter) 26 février 2018 à 23:30 (CET)

Notification ShakespeareFan00 : Copied on Wikipédia:Le Bistro/27 février 2018#1er avril - Wikipédia avec le style graphique du minitel ? Lofhi me contacter 27 février 2018 à 20:51 (CET)
That's a very nice idea :-) Coding wise, I found two potential resources to emulate Minitel using Javascript: [1] and [2]. --Lrq3000 (discuter) 9 mars 2018 à 04:34 (CET)
After some more digging, I found very good candidates to simulate a minitel interface using quite simple CSS and JS code snippets [3][4][5]. Please see the french thread for more infos :-) --Lrq3000 (discuter) 9 mars 2018 à 05:15 (CET)
Related to this thread I found an (english lnaguage) video clip ShakespeareFan00 (discuter) 15 mars 2018 à 22:04 (CET)


It is March 2018. Wikipedia is blocked in Turkey. This marks 10 months of people in Turkey having no access to the world’s free knowledge, and people around the world not learning from Turkish citizens. We want to re-energize the conversation around Wikipedia in Turkey and galvanize public opinion to support unblocking the site. To do this, the Wikimedia community are running a week-long social media push to express why #WeMissTurkey. Following from this initial push we would like to run a CentralNotice campaign to further energize the conversation. The campaign will be only be show to users a maximum of two times to limit disruption and show, to between 10-50% of traffic. Banners will be low profile based on the community template with added functionality to expand revealing social sharing options on twitter and facebook for mobile with the possibility of a generic template on desktop. Seddon (WMF) (discuter) 7 mars 2018 à 21:43 (CET)