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Bistro des non-francophones[modifier le code]

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Cette page de discussion est destinée aux non-francophones. Elle permet de discuter à propos de la Wikipédia francophone et de demander de l'aide. Les messages peuvent être écrits dans toutes les langues, y compris en français, même approximatif. Si vous vous exprimez dans une autre langue que le français ou l'anglais, il sera plus difficile de vous répondre, mais on essaiera dans la mesure du possible de vous trouver un interlocuteur parlant votre langue.

Le nombre d'articles dans la Wikipédia francophone est de 2 002 762.

En bref :

  • Vous pouvez poser des questions sur les versions françaises des projets Wikimedia;
  • Vous pouvez poser des questions sur la langue française, la culture française et la culture des pays francophones;
  • Vous pouvez poser des questions sur les logiciels MediaWiki;
  • Vous êtes invité à nous donner votre avis sur la Wikipédia francophone;
  • Les requêtes concernant les robots sont faites (de préférence en anglais ou en français) sur Wikipédia:Bot/Statut.

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Rainbow Ruby on/sur Télémagino[modifier le code]

Télémagino in Canada is going to air Rainbow Ruby in French from 9 April 2018. So, how do I write the following sentence in French?

In Quebec, Télémagino will premiere the French version of the series on 9 April 2018.

JSH-alive (discuter) 2 avril 2018 à 03:01 (CEST)

Notification JSH-alive : There is no direct translation for "premiere". You could either say "Au Québec, la version française de la série sera diffusée à partir du 9 avril 2018 sur Télémagino" (it is like saying "broadcast" instead of "premiere"), or if you want to insist on the fact that it is the first time, "Au Québec, la série sera diffusée pour la première fois en version française à partir du 9 avril 2018 sur Télémagino". Orlodrim (discuter) 2 avril 2018 à 23:33 (CEST)
Notification Orlodrim : Merci. JSH-alive (discuter) 3 avril 2018 à 03:25 (CEST)

Raïon_de_Haïssyn[modifier le code]

Laissez s'il vous plaît Raïon_de_Haïssyn Ce nom moderne. Gaisine-cela le vieux nom des temps de l'URSS. Pendant les URSS la langue française utilisait les noms abîmés par la langue russe. Après la Révolution Orange de 2004 la langue française a refusé d'abîmé soviétique des noms par la langue russe. A passé sur les vrais noms - comme dans la langue ukrainienne. Bohdan Bondar (discuter) 3 avril 2018 à 12:55 (CEST)

Je ne connais pas le sujet, mais personne ne semble contester votre modification. Au contraire, un autre utilisateur a changé l'introduction pour qu'elle soit cohérente avec votre renommage. Orlodrim (discuter) 3 avril 2018 à 18:53 (CEST)

Fanny Bloc[modifier le code]

Fanny Bloc is a French voice actress who appeared in many animated shows and films. It's strange to see that there's no article about her in any edition of Wikipedia (including the French Wikipedia right here). JSH-alive (discuter) 8 juin 2018 à 06:59 (CEST)

The small article (1.5 ko), without any source, was deleted after a unanimous AfD. — Zebulon84 (discuter) 9 juin 2018 à 02:29 (CEST)
Okay. There was an attempt. Where should I go to formally ask for article creation? In fact, I can't find a fitting category for voice actress within Wikipédia:Articles à créer. (And I'm not sure if "Fanny Bloc" is a real name or not.) JSH-alive (discuter) 9 juin 2018 à 15:18 (CEST)
Notification JSH-alive : as the article was deleted after an AfD, it have to go through the equivalent or en:Wikipedia:Requests for undeletion : Wikipédia:Demande de restauration de page. And you have to provide serious sources, otherwise the demand will be dismissed. — Zebulon84 (discuter) 9 juin 2018 à 18:59 (CEST)

Copyright changes[modifier le code]

As some here may be aware, there are some planned (and in my opinion illogical) changes to EU copyright policy being proposed.

Amongst them would be a requirement to filter user submitted content for copyrighted works, something that is hard to do, and given that it amounts to editorial influence by the platform, affect certain other protections Wikipedia's have previously enjoyed even outside nominal EU jurisdiction.

I was advised on IRC, to bring disscusion about how to respond to this on-wiki( partly so it can be translated more effectively than on IRC).

Although it may be too radical one proposal I was going to suggest was that some Wikipedia's most affected by the change ( like French Wikipedia) quietly 'disconnect' or 'vanish' articles related to those interests that want tighter copyright controls, or it seems don't want their content (or knoweldege about it) to be shared.

If they don't want to share, French Wikipedia can I think (and probably should) respect that, but No sharing means No links, No coverage. (Just like Brexit has been indicated to have consequences, so should respecting a 'non-share' viewpoint, have appropriate consequences ;) )

Under this, a topic on something related to a "non-share" party would be replaced with something like : "Wikipedia is unable to cover this topic because of the decision of a related third party, to express a view that they do not want their content (or knowledge of it) to be shared.

Wikipedia being a responsive platform, respects that not everyone wants to share, and so has temporarily removed content relating to that party or their works. If you would like to see this topic covered, please contact the parties related and politely encourage them to re-think their position. "

Short, but appropriately worderd it should focus attention, whereas a general blackout would not. ShakespeareFan00 (discuter) 20 juin 2018 à 18:07 (CEST)

Notification Pyb : que la question intéresse. --Shev (discuter) 20 juin 2018 à 18:16 (CEST)
thx Notification Shev123 :
Hi Notification ShakespeareFan00 :,
Do you know that Wikimedia projects are exempt from the Articles 11 and 13? The Council and European Parliament (JURI) text say different things, but both exclude us. So it depends on the final agreed upon version of the text. JURI text says "Services acting in a non-commercial purpose capacity" and the Council text includes in its scope any service that gives access to content "which it organises and promotes for profit-making purposes." There is another mention dedicated to our projects: "non-for-profit online encyclopaedias, non-for-profit educational and scientific repositories".
So Wikipedia will not directly and immediately suffer from this law. Pyb (discuter) 20 juin 2018 à 18:28 (CEST)
The precise meaning of 'non-profit' and 'non-commerical' are open to interpretation, Commons allows commercial re-use of files from the repository, even if it's not making money itself. Creative Commons license (unless they are NC) allow for commercial re-use so... Wikipedia MAY (and I use MAY here) be unaffected, but Article 11 and 13 are still objectionable, as they make it harder to reuse content. On the other hand, if it means genuinly education images get put on Commons rather than Flikr, because there's less upload hassle... ShakespeareFan00 (discuter) 20 juin 2018 à 18:39 (CEST)

Baltic region[modifier le code]

Hello there! I would like to ask your help. Currently, there is two articles about Baltic region in France:

In my opinion, these Wikidata items should be merged. Could you merge these two France articles if you can confirm that their content could be in one article? Currently, these items have 29+4 links. Please ping me if you answer! Best regards, Bencemac (discuter) 12 juillet 2018 à 19:12 (CEST)

Hi Bencemac,
It's a little bit different.
The article Baltikum is about an historical notion and region, not matching the current notion of the Baltic area, the subject of the Région de la Baltique. --Dereckson (discuter) 16 juillet 2018 à 12:18 (CEST)