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My name is Gerard, I am from the Netherlands. I am intrested in cacti and succulent plants and have created a database on them. The information is largely based on info from IPNI, (IPNI website), created in Microsoft Access and is open source.

Because of this work I am interested in things like taxonomy. I am interested in ecology, have written some articles about area's that are important like the "Oostvaarderplassen" and the "Gelderse poort". (both are in the GOOGLE top 5). My MO is to have a topic and make sure that it relates to a lot of additional pages; the "Gelderse poort" is about rivers and fish, so I started my native fish project.

NB I do not speak French.

Projects[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Native fish in the sweetwaters of Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Native trees in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Project to describe plants in our language, a milestone is currently every 250 new articles.