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Hi, and welcome to the questionnaire on translating. Sourire Please add your answers below by creating a red link in the following format: [[/Your username here]]. Thanks and happy editing!

Questionnaire[modifier | modifier le code]

  • How long have you been on Wikipedia?
  • How long have you been translating on Wikipedia?
  • Which languages do you translate from? (If you translate from English to another language, please mention it here.)
  • Do you translate from more than one language at a time? (For example, a translation could be primarily done from the German-language Wikipedia, but with parts translated from the Italian-language and French-language Wikipedias.)
  • Do you add information not in the text of the source language? If so, during or after your translation?
  • Do you correct errors in the source language article when you come across them while working?
  • How do you choose the articles you translate?
  • What kind of rhythm do you work at? (Frequency of translation, length of time spent translating...)
  • Do you translate more for one wikiproject in particular?
  • Do you use your home Wikipedia's version of Project:Translation, or do you translate solo? In both cases, why?
  • Have you translated at your "real-life" job? Are you a professional translator?
  • What do you think of your work in translation on Wikipedia?
  • How do you think your work is seen by the rest of the community?
  • Have you seen criticism of translations because the bibliography and sources are primarily or entirely in a foreign language?
  • Have you translated the text in images (diagrams, graphs...) while translating articles using said images?
  • Would you like to see something changed in the way translation is done on Wikipedia?

Answers[modifier | modifier le code]