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Welcome to the Poster Project

Free knowledge should not be distributed only online!
This project lets people receive pictures and diagrams from Wikipedia at home, everywhere in the world.
Please don't hesitate to post feedback on the talk page !

Project goals[modifier | modifier le code]

This project aims to offer to Wikipedia readers a print service for its pictures and diagrams. The idea is to encourage even more spread of free knowledge, though paper.

The pictures come from the common repository for all Wikipedia of the Wikimedia Foundation: Wikimedia Commons. Since all pictures are free, every printer is already able to print them. This project aims to encourage and facilitate this via a well placed but discreet link on image pages.

How to get a poster of a picture[modifier | modifier le code]

Example of educative poster

To get a poster an image, click on an image and then on the link « Obtenir un poster de cette image » (Get a poster of this picture). You can then choose a printer (currently only one), for example « WikiPosters ». To finish, follow the steps for the choice of the poster and payment.

Where to find pictures to get posters[modifier | modifier le code]

Most of the images on Wikipedia have (or will have) a link « Obtenir un poster de cette image ». Click on an image and you will arrive at a page with a large version of the image. You will find the link in the upper-right corner « Obtenir un poster de cette image ». Choose a printer and answer the questions.

You can also check one of the best quality images of Wikipédia.

Frequently asked questions[modifier | modifier le code]

Are there on Wikipedia some similar links to commercial websites ?

Yes, external search engines, booksellers on ISBN pages, external map displayers for geolocation.

Does the Wikipedia licence allow the sale of pictures uploaded by contributors ?

Yes, free licences of Wikimedia Commons pictures allows everyone to sell them without the explicit agreement of the author (that's the free licence logic). In this project, the printer prints a separate page with licence data (with the content of the image page associated to the page and the GFDL if necessary).

I can't find the link « Obtenir un poster de cette image ». Why ?

The link is located in the upper-right corner of image pages. To see it, you have to activate Javascript on your browser (done by default). The picture must reside on Wikimedia Commons; that's also the case on French Wikipedia.

If you have an additional questions please ask here.

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