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A first encyclopedia print service on French Wikipedia

For only the price of printing, on the French-speaking encyclopedia, everyone can now get a poster of the 3 million pictures database. Educational, Scientific, Maps, Kama Sutra or Historic Paints, subject's choice is giant. And a print service of articles is in preparation...

Examples of posters[modifier | modifier le code]

Click the image and "Obtenir un poster de cette image" (Get a poster of this image) :
Human skeleton front fr.svg Alter Strom.jpg

Partnership with the first Printer WikiPosters[modifier | modifier le code]

The first printer chose to donate 1,50€ per order[1] to Wikimedia France. They really want to defend Free Knowledge and they already gave 1000€[2].

More[modifier | modifier le code]

Contact :

References[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. 1,50€, e.g. 0,60€ with tax cut
  2. WikiPosters donated 500€ to the Wikimedia Foundation and 500€ to Wikimedia France