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The Projet:Aide et accueil (Help and welcome project) works on several ideas in order to improve the new users experience.

New welcome message[modifier | modifier le code]

This message, posted by a bot, is a personal message signed by a volunteer, who is available to answer any question from the beginner. This message now active, distributed every half-hours by a bot (volunteer’s signature is picked from a list), and also by the vadalism-fighter bot and volunteers.

Information campaign for IPs[modifier | modifier le code]


Designed to be on the site notice, this campaign is designed in order to inform people about Wikipedia : how it works, how to contribute, what are the different rules… This campaign is displayed on the anonnotice during summer 2013.

Windrose project : the new index for Help pages[modifier | modifier le code]

Windrose help orange.svg

The boussole project (windrose) is a new help page index, designed in order to make easier the research of information on Help pages. The boussole is launched on November, 2

Newbies’ forum[modifier | modifier le code]

We have created a special page where newbies can post their questions. Globally, an answer is made in less than 5 minutes. Newbies have a direct link to this forum on the welcome message.

New warning messages[modifier | modifier le code]

We are refreshing a select of warning messages in order to make them more personnal, warmer and to make easier the contact with the contributor who send the message. By this way, we increase our chances to help new users.

List of creations and revisions (in French)

Tutoring project[modifier | modifier le code]

Before, new users wait for a tutor. In August 2012, we have redesigned the tutoring system, by recycling the Third Age Online project. New users can choose a tutor in a list and eaisly send him a message about tutoring.

WikiPermanences[modifier | modifier le code]

Atelier de découverte Wikipédia Strasweb 8 novembre 2012 11.JPG

The WikiPermanences are IRL workshops. Regularly, we meet people in order to answer their questions and help them to contribute. Some WikiPermanences has been held in Paris, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg, Grenoble...

Article Feedback Tool[modifier | modifier le code]

A workshop works on the evaluation of the pertinence of the AFT on French Wikipedia.

Help pages rewriting[modifier | modifier le code]

A major rewrite operation of the help pages is under way: each page is separated : the basics for beginners, simplified, illustrated and major informations are highlighted, and a subpage for advanced users.

Welcome to Wikipédia booklet[modifier | modifier le code]

Welcome2WP French WEB.pdf

Translated and adapted to French Wikipedia usages, this booklet helps new contributors in their first steps on Wikipedia. IT is updated regulary, it integrates all new features made by the Aide et accueil project.

Also working on…[modifier | modifier le code]

Current stubs[modifier | modifier le code]

  • How-to contribute on editing projects

Also planned[modifier | modifier le code]

  • A short video introduction to Wikipedia
  • An IRL meeting in December in Paris
  • Prospective

More informations ?[modifier | modifier le code]

You can leave a message (in English or French) on the project talk page.