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Philippe Calderon est un réalisateur, scénariste et dialoguiste français. Philippe Calderon had directed numerous documentaries for TV, about science, philosophy, history, environment. His last two tv-documentaries: a portrait of the famous Hungarian American mathematician '''John von Neumann'''''' for the European public channel Arte (2016) (French title: “John von Neumann prophète du 21ième siècle”), named in English version : “John von Neumann the real doctor strange-love”.  Second  recent one: “1984 or Brave new World?” about the 2 famous english writers, ''''''Aldous Huxley and Georges Orwell'''''', broadcasting by Arte at March  2020 (Co-directed with Caroline Benarrosch).  Currently, with Idriss Diabate, just finishing a feature-movie portrait about the Ivorian Great Chancellor, '''Henriette Dagri Diabate''' "The Great chancellor-Henriette the Ivorian"  planning to  be release at theatres  to 2020.  Besides TV documentaries, he had directed two others features-movie in 2006 and 2008, "The Besieged Fortress” (La Citadelle assiégée “) (International TF1, ONC (Canada), France 2 Cinema, Canal+) and «White Tuft» (“Mèche blanche”) (International TF1, ONF(Canada).  

Documentaries about science: “'''Washoe''', the monkey speech with hands” 1995 ("Washoe, le singe qui parle avec les mains") Arte, about the research of couple famous american scientist, Trixie and Allan Gardner regarding baby chimp Washoe; « Man and Biosphere » (L’Homme et la nature) ( 6x52') from UNESCO program MAB (6x52 ') France 3, La sept-Arte. 6 episodes regarding deforestation, desertification, urban ecosystem, humid area, sea-shore, ocean screen writer: Cyril de Klemm. "The big history of the brain" (La grande histoire du cerveau)  (52 '). A serie about physics : « The matter » (4x52 ') french title: "La matière " (1990)   about story of Earth life, and early stages of universe”: 4 episodes: "Origin of matter" (Origine de la matière) , "Beetween order and disorder" ("Entre l’ordre et le désordre"), "The living matter" ("La matière vivante"), "Matter, mind and brain" ("La matière intelligente"), France 3, Film for Humanity, La Sept-Arte.   This series about physics , was produced  by Philippe and François Calderon (Eolis productions).  Philippe Calderon interviewed  as author and scriptwriter, with Hélène Coldefy (co-director, Pierre Dominique Gaisseau director), personalities as Stephan Hawking, Steven Weinberg (Nobel winner), David Gross (Nobel  winner), Sir Roger Penrose, Murray Gell-Mann (Nobel winner),Robert Haumann (Nobel winner), Carlo Rubia (Nobel  winner), Freeman Dyson, Daniel Denett…  ;  ”The city of ants” (1999) (French title:  “La cité des fourmis”) (52’)  Arte. "La rivière fantôme" 52' France 2 (1997)

On the ancient and contemporary history: « The sharing out of waters »'''(Le partage des eaux''')(1994)(90')   , environmental issues in Florida and Egypt Arte, codirecting with Jack Falck ; « Jacques Chaban-Delmas », with Jean Lacouture (52' Fifteen French channel ; "Find Byzantium” (90 ') ("'''Retrouvez Byzance'''" 90' )  Arte, “'''The Golden age of Islam'''”  (french title: “Lorsque le monde parlait arabe”),  a series (12X26’) about early medieval Arabic civilization  (12x26’) - (5th French channel), "De Gaulle, last days of an icon " (5th french channel)

He is also the director of a portrait of French philosopher, '''Michel Foucault''': " Michel Foucault by himself" (80 ') Arte. ( french title: “Michel Foucault par lui-même”)

His movies and documentaries received various distinctions: official selection movies-features  festival of Toronto (The Besieged Fortress), audience award at the movie festival of Bangkok, award of the best realization to the Jules Verne Award, Golden stars rewarded  by the press association of  French cinema 2007, selection in the Panorama of the French cinema in Japan, Russia, China (The Besieged Fortress, and White Tuft), and confusedly: audience award at Festival of Montreal, audience award at Festival of Toulon,  nominated for the New York Festival for Television, GOLDEN CD-ROM for the « The challenge of the universe » as co-author, directed by Bruno Levy and Emile Servan-Schreiber  (Le défi de l’univers) , awarded by « Personal computer » « L’ordinateur individuel » .  

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