John Thomas Flynn

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John Thomas Flynn
John Thomas Flynn
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John Thomas Flynn (né le et mort le ) était un journaliste américain. Bien que partisan de Franklin D. Roosevelt, il émit de vives critiques contre le New Deal.

Biographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Il fut un anticommuniste fervent. Il fut une influence de Myron Coureval Fagan.

Publications[modifier | modifier le code]

  • God's Gold; the Story of Rockefeller and His Times[1] (1932)
  • Country Squire in the White House[2] (1940)
  • Men of Wealth; the Story of Twelve Significant Fortunes from the Renaissance to the Present Day[3] (1941)
  • The Truth About Pearl Harbor and the Final Secret of Pearl Harbor (1944)
  • Meet Your Congress (1944)
  • As We Go Marching[4] (1944)
  • The Epic of Freedom (1947)
  • The Roosevelt Myth[5][6] (1948/rev 1956)
  • The Road Ahead; America's Creeping Revolution[7] (1949)
  • Communists and the New Deal: Part II (1952)
  • While You Slept: Our Tragedy in Asia and Who Made It[8] (1953)
  • America's Unknown War: The War We Have Not Begun to Fight (1953)
  • McCarthy: His War on American Reds, and the Story of Those Who Oppose Him (1954)
  • Betrayal at Yalta (1955)
  • The Decline of the American Republic and How to Rebuild It[9] (1955)
  • Militarism: The New Slavery for America (1955)
  • Fifty Million Americans in Search of a Party (1955)
  • The Lattimore Story (1953)
  • Forgotten Lessons: Selected Essays of John T. Flynn[10] (1996); posthumous essay collection
  • Investment Trusts Gone Wrong! (Wall Street and the Security Markets)
  • The Thought Police; an Episode in Radical Bigotry

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