Hugh Miller

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Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller (10 octobre 1802 - 23/24 décembre 1856) était un géologue, écrivain, folkloriste et évangéliste écossais.

Biographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Publications[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Scenes and legends of the north of Scotland : or, The traditional history of Cromarty (1834)
  • The old red sandstone : or, New walks in an old field (1841)
  • First impressions of England and its people (1847)
  • The foot-prints of the Creator: or, The Asterolepis of Stromness (1849)
  • My schools and schoolmasters; or, The story of my education (1854)
  • The cruise of the Betsey : or, a summer ramble among the fossiliferous deposits of the Hebrides ; with Rambles of a geologist ; or, Ten thousand miles over the fossiliferous deposits of Scotland (1857)
  • The testimony of the rocks; or, Geology in its bearings on the two theologies, natural and revealed (1857)
  • The old red sandstone; or, New walks in an old field. To which is appended a series of geological papers, read before the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh (1858)
  • Sketch-book of popular geology being a series of lectures delivered before the Philosophical Institution of Edinburgh (1859)
  • Popular geology: a series of lectures read before the Philosophical Institution of Edinburgh, with Descriptive sketches from a geologist's portfolio (1859)
  • The headship of Christ and The rights of the Christian people (1860)
  • Tales and sketches (1862)
  • Edinburgh and its neighbourhood, geological and historical; with the geology of the Bass rock (1863)
  • Essays, historical and biographical, political, social, literary and scientific (1865)
  • Sketch-book of popular geology (1869)

Posthume[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Hugh Miller's memoir : from stonemason to geologist by Hugh Miller (1995)
  • Hugh Miller and the controversies of Victorian science (1996)

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