Henry Flynt

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Henry Flynt
Henry Flynt photo.jpg

Henry Flynt en 2008

compositeur, artiste, artiste sonore, violoniste +

Henry Flynt né en 1940 à Greensboro, est un philosophe, musicien, activiste anti-art et artiste.

Bibliographie[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Blueprint for a Higher Civilization, 1975
  • Being=Space X Action : Searches for Freedom of Mind Through Mathematics, Art, and Mysticism, edited by Charles Stein 1988, a special issue of Io (#41) on Henry Flynt and Christer Hennix

Discographie[modifier | modifier le code]

  • New American Ethnic Music Volume 2 : Spindizzy
  • C Tune
  • You Are My Everlovin' / Celestial Power
  • Graduation and Other New Country and Blues Music
  • Raga Electric
  • Backporch Hillbilly Blues, vol 1
  • Backporch Hillbilly Blues, vol 2
  • I Don't Wanna
  • Purified by the Fire
  • Henry Flynt & Nova' Billy
  • Violin Strobe

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