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Sorry no French. Try my english Wikipedia page Victuallers 10 août 2007 à 00:15 (CEST)

Hi, thanks for your help. A little problem with the imagemaps you added ([1]), please avoid to add the <noinclude>[[Category:Wikipedia imagemaps]]</noinclude> in article. - phe 16 août 2007 à 02:03 (CEST)

Bonjour wiki-army[modifier le code]

Welcome to the Wright Challenge. Feel free to ask questions here or here, or ask Andrew or I. Victuallers (d) 1 juin 2011 à 07:43 (CEST)

Wright Challenge[modifier le code]

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Hi - Thank you for present, it works pretty well! Although I should admit I still have to find what to do with it. --Fanfwah (d) 14 octobre 2011 à 10:23 (CEST)

Well I met your daughter in Derby - it wwas a pleasure. She has numerous prizes for you. She was shown how your articles can be read by visitors to Derby Museum using a smartphone on the QRpedia labels. Maybe you need to visit your local museum and offer to add a few labels?? :-) Thanks so much for your comradeship. Victuallers (d) 17 octobre 2011 à 12:39 (CEST)