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L'article Jonghi est proposé à la suppression[modifier le code]

Page proposée à la suppression Bonjour,

L’article « Jonghi » est proposé à la suppression (cf. Wikipédia:Pages à supprimer). Après avoir pris connaissance des critères généraux d’admissibilité des articles et des critères spécifiques, vous pourrez donner votre avis sur la page de discussion Discussion:Jonghi/Suppression.

Le meilleur moyen d’obtenir un consensus pour la conservation de l’article est de fournir des sources secondaires fiables et indépendantes. Si vous ne pouvez trouver de telles sources, c’est que l’article n’est probablement pas admissible. N’oubliez pas que les principes fondateurs de Wikipédia ne garantissent aucun droit à avoir un article sur Wikipédia.

Bertrand Labévue (discuter) 4 janvier 2021 à 17:31 (CET)

Erreur de renommage[modifier le code]


Vous avez renommé la page de la rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth en ré-intégrant l'erreur de graphie : il n'y a de tiret qu'entre "Notre" et "Dame", pas entre chaque mot. Vous pouvez vérifier la nomenclature sur le site institutionnel de la ville de Paris : http://www.v2asp.paris.fr/commun/v2asp/v2/nomenclature_voies/Voieactu/6775.nom.htm

Serait-il possible de corriger cette erreur ? Merci d'avance ! --Lepocheux (discuter) 12 janvier 2021 à 13:42 (CET)


Le renommage est bien correct. Voir Wikipédia:Conventions_typographiques#TRAIT-UNION-ODONYMES.


Vargenau (discuter) 12 janvier 2021 à 14:26 (CET)

wikidata interwiki[modifier le code]

Please don’t remove wikitext interwikis on huwiki that are not actually present on Wikidata, and revert all such edits your bot made so far (practically all edits, since there are more clever bots removing actually redundant wikitext interwikis, so anything that remains is almost certainly missing from WD). Wikidata cannot handle cases where there is more than one article in one language about a topic covered by one article in another language, so wikitext interlanguage links are still needed, and blindly removing them is (good-faith) vandalism. —Tacsipacsi (discuter) 24 janvier 2021 à 19:08 (CET)


Thank you for your interest in my bot.

I do not blindly remove link, I check every removal one by one and I update Wikidata accordingly if needed. For example, see:

One of the aims of Wikidata is to provide a bijection between articles, there should not be old-syntax interwikis breaking this.

I already cleaned many languages.

Best regards,

Vargenau (discuter) 25 janvier 2021 à 11:46 (CET)

But sometimes it’s impossible to provide a bijection, or even if it’s possible, you shouldn’t do it, because Wikidata is not only for interwikis. Out of the three edits you cited, only two were correct—hu:A természetes számok összeadása is not about the same topic as Q32043 (« addition »); the huwiki article is about the subtopic of addition of natural numbers, so your edit made Q32043 mean both addition in general and addition of natural numbers, meaning you fixed the interlanguage links, but screwed up Wikidata as a database. This edit, on the other hand, was not preceded by merging on Wikidata (it wouldn’t be possible, since there are two Russian articles about the topic which is discussed in one Hungarian and one English article), so one cannot reach the English article from the Hungarian one anymore. (And if you check every article in advance, why do you edit with your bot? And why do you mark your edits minor—removing an interlanguage connection is not a minor modification—and use a meaningless edit summary?) —Tacsipacsi (discuter) 27 janvier 2021 à 01:57 (CET)


I first remove some old-wikisyntax interwikis with my bot, then I add the links in wikidata if possible, i.e. if the old-wikisyntax interwiki is not pointing to a wikidata element that cannot be merged.

Best regards,

Vargenau (discuter) 28 janvier 2021 à 18:03 (CET)

Also on dawiki your bot has removed interwiki links which went to redirection pages - which weren't connected to Wikidata - in other languages. That isn't acceptable. Please undo your changes on da.wikipedia.org. --Dipsacus fullonum (discuter) 28 janvier 2021 à 15:29 (CET)


As explained above, I consider that the interwikis should connect languages via a bijection, which is not the case when redirects point to a different topic.

Best regards,

Vargenau (discuter) 28 janvier 2021 à 18:03 (CET)

But it seems you’re the only one out of three to think so. Wikipedia is not a database, article subjects overlap or are split in some languages, and I think the goal is to serve readers the best, not to maintain a perfectly ordered system that doesn’t bother with the realities. Either you revert your edits removing wikitext interwikis that haven’t been replaced by Wikidata sitelinks, or I’ll be forced to ask local bot owners to revert all of them and ask local admins to block your bot infinitely. (I can’t propose just removing your bot flag, as you don’t have it in the first place—you made hundreds of bot edits without being approved by the community.) —Tacsipacsi (discuter) 28 janvier 2021 à 23:23 (CET)


Can you propose a place on Hungarian wikipedia where we can discuss that with a wider audience?

You say I am the only one thinking like that, but I am not sure. I have cleaned up about 200 wikipedias without complaints (see list).

About the bot flag, yes I had it since 2006, I do not know when it was removed.

Best regards,

Vargenau (discuter) 29 janvier 2021 à 11:01 (CET)

Probably the widest audience you can reach at hu:Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (egyéb).
I said you’re the only one out of three, i.e. out of the people who commented in this talk page section. There may be many reasons why there were no complaints from other Wikipedias: everyone who saw your edits agreed with them, no one saw them, the people who saw them couldn’t complain here because they speak neither English nor French or German, and so on. We don’t know anything about other people, so I didn’t count them either way.
As you can see from the logs, the bot flag was removed three years ago. It was the result of a request to deflag all interwiki bots as they’re unnecessary with the introduction of Wikidata. I asked in that discussion that all bot owners are notified prior to deflagging, which seems not to have happened. Nevertheless, unless I missed one during manually checking them one by one, you’re the only one out of 107 bots to have edited after deflagging. Probably you should not have assumed after half a decade of inactivity (February 2013 – March 2018) that you still had a bot flag. —Tacsipacsi (discuter) 30 janvier 2021 à 02:08 (CET)

Thank you.

I will ask the question there.

Vargenau (discuter) 1 février 2021 à 19:39 (CET)

The section got archived, the end result: three comments against removal, zero for it (not counting mine or yours, of course). Please revert all your edits, and don’t do new ones except where you have explicit community approval for it. (Please note that none of the arguments are huwiki-specific, so there’s no reason not to apply it to edits on any other wiki except where the local community consensus is to remove all wikitext interwikis.) —Tacsipacsi (discuter) 14 février 2021 à 01:32 (CET)


I have reverted. I will stop working on the Hungarian wiki, I have enough work elsewhere.

Best regards,

Vargenau (discuter) 16 février 2021 à 10:58 (CET)

Alemannic Wikipedia[modifier le code]

Please stop moving pages in the Alemannic Wikipedia – the Standard German lemmata are according to the rules. Regards, --Freigut (discuter) 1 mars 2021 à 14:55 (CET)