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ENWP source article updated[modifier le code]

Hi, and sorry for writing this in English. I'm the person who wrote the English Wikipedia articles about Coteries of New York and some other World of Darkness video games, and have noticed that some of them have been translated to French. Because of that, and because I do not speak French myself, I wanted to notify you all that there have been significant updates to the English Coteries article since it was translated to French, with new development and gameplay information released, and release dates revealed. Here's a diff for the changes made since the article was translated - I hope it is of use to you. Keep up the good work; --Alexandra IDV (discuter) 7 novembre 2019 à 16:44 (CET)

Hello Notification Alexandra. Thank you for the information. I'm really busy in my personnal life right now, but I will try to update some basic informations, like the release date... Because it's simplyer for a translator to work on a final version (when the game is released) rather than on many translations... that's why i wait Bloodlines 2, Coteries, or Earthblood to be released and update each pages, in the mean time Wikipedia readers have thoses stubs to understand what are that games. So i will wait their releases probably, to make big updates.
OTOH, I noticed the pages you wrote about World of Darkness Online and Preludes: Vampire and Mage, could be a nice addition to the french Wiki ! Yes we can ! (translate it Rire !).
Feel free to send us a message if you see our articles are false or missing some essentials informations. You welcome here to improve the french Wiki.
Greetings. -- Archimëa [Toc 2 Mi] 8 novembre 2019 à 08:46 (CET)
That makes a lot of sense - must be much easier to do it all in one go post-release. And yes, I'm quite happy with those two articles you mentioned, and would be honored to see you all make use of them. Meanwhile, I'm myself considering doing an English version of FRWP's Jeux vidéo Monde des ténèbres ^_^--Alexandra IDV (discuter) 8 novembre 2019 à 14:26 (CET)
Hello Notification Alexandra. Aren't World of Darkness Online and Preludes: Vampire and Mage good candidates for good articles nomination ? I think so, no ? -- Archimëa [Toc 2 Mi] 16 novembre 2019 à 10:09 (CET)
Hi, I have indeed nominated the WoD MMO for a GA review over at enwp! As for Preludes, I would want to write a plot summary first - and so I need to play those games first, which I have not yet done.--Alexandra IDV (discuter) 16 novembre 2019 à 21:18 (CET)
Notification Alexandra Great, i did not see the nomination. It will be a GA for sure. -- Archimëa [Toc 2 Mi] 16 novembre 2019 à 22:03 (CET)