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Origine de Tamara Toumanova : géorgienne, arménienne, russe, chinoise ?[modifier le code]

Une guerre d'édition ayant sévi sur cette page, l'article est désormais protégé.

Je vous invite à clarifier d'abord ici tout changement que vous souhaiteriez voir introduit dans l'article, en précisant notamment :

  • les arguments pour une origine géorgienne et les sources correspondantes ;
  • les arguments pour une origine arménienne et les sources correspondantes ;

Raison de cette demande : les sources, c'est bien gentil, mais ça ne permet pas de comprendre pourquoi certains pensent qu'elle est d'origine géorgienne, et certains autres qu'elle serait d'origine arménienne. Merci de privilégier la clarté, et la concision de vos explications. — Azurfrog [नीले मेंढक के साथ बात करना] 12 décembre 2011 à 00:54 (CET)

In other words

Due to heavy edit war, page is now totally protected (no one can change it anymore). Any change must be through discussing the issue beforehand, on this talk page.

Discussion must focus on the arguments (pros and cons) in favour of a Georgian origin or in favour of an Armenian origin.

Your opinion will be all the more valued if you manage to keep it clear and short. Don't forget the in-line citations. Purpose is to understand why some believe Tamara Tumanova's origin is Georgian, while others don't.

Avoid using rude and useless words (such as 'sockpuppets' or 'vandalism', which just don't prove a thing).

Thank you.Azurfrog [नीले मेंढक के साथ बात करना] 12 décembre 2011 à 00:52 (CET)

Arguments en faveur d'une origine géorgienne[modifier le code]

Arguments en faveur d'une origine arménienne[modifier le code]

  • "And the fact that Toumanova is only half Russian (half Armenian)...." Rayner Heppenstall, in his research of 1936, Apology for dancing, Faber and Faber ltd., 1936, p. 212.
  • "...Russian ballerina of Armenian descent Tamara Toumanova", Russian researcher Mikhail Bliznyuk [2] book, As far as I can see, this does not seem to speak of an Armenian origin. Prekrasnaya Marusya Sava, 2007 [3] This is just a Google query, without any specific reference clearly pointing to an Armenian origin.
  • "Tamara was of Armenian-Polish descent, not a Georgian princess, as many people think". Lyudmila Lopato, a known Parisian vocalist who knew Toumanova personally, Волшебное зеркало воспоминаний, memoirs, 2003г.[4] This seems to be a personnal essay, some kind of "original research" which does not qualify as a valid, reliable independant source.
  • The American dancer: Vol. 14,Issue 2, 1941 - "Seen on New York's 57th Street, the hub of the ballet social world: Tamara Toumanova, Leon and Hercelia Danielian and William Saroyan, all within a block of each other; one more Armenian and the street would have been roped off..." "Circumstantial evidence" at best.
  • Toumanova also listed as half-Armenian in Arab, Armenian, Syrian, Lebanese, East Indian, Pakistani, and Bangla Deshi Americans: a study guide and source book, Kananur V. Chandras, R&E Research Associates, 1977 - p. 44, and One America: the history, contributions, and present problems of our racial and national minorities by Francis James Brown and Joseph Slabey Rouček, p. 308
Please refer to above comments. Not of these sources is really convincing, I am afraid, except, perhaps, the first one and the last one, but I don't have access to them.
I must say I expected something more definite and detailed on this Armenian origin.
Azurfrog [नीले मेंढक के साथ बात करना] 27 janvier 2012 à 20:42 (CET)

Références[modifier le code]

Tamara Khassidovitch 1919-43 Tamara Toumanova 1943-96[modifier le code]

Father Eugene Dmitrievna Toumanova[modifier le code]

Father Eugene Dmitrievna Toumanova [[8]]