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The tajine is a arabian bedouine dish[modifier le code]

The dish is originally not a berber dish, and never has been. It was a bedouin stew which was eaten with desert bread "khobz". It was cooked in a pot of clay which was much used by bedouins. The word tajin is derived from the persian word Tajan. How is it possible that berbers in northa-africa use words from persia-asia. How is it possible that they use cookingpot from clay like in asia. Berbers also say that kuskus is berber, but durumgrains originally grow in Iraq and semolina was created by the middle-easteners, and kuskus is derived from the cookingpot called keskes. Same goes for bastilla, it looks like you have taken a lot of the Andalucian and Arabian dishes to Europe and try to claim that those are your dishes. They are arabian bedouin dishes which were introduced after the 7th centurie.

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