Dance of the Rainbow Serpent

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Dance of the Rainbow Serpent

Album de Santana
Sortie 8 août 1995
Durée 182:24
Genre Rock
Label Sony

Dance of the Rainbow Serpent est une compilation avec des inédits live de Santana sorti en 1995.

Titres[modifier | modifier le code]

CD 1[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. Evil Ways
  2. Soul Sacrifice (live à Woodstock II)
  3. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
  4. Oye Como Va
  5. Samba Pa Ti
  6. Everybody's Everything
  7. Song of the Wind
  8. Toussaint l'Overture
  9. In a Silent Way (Joe Zawinul)
  10. Waves Within
  11. Flame Sky
  12. Naima

CD 2[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. I Love You Much Too Much
  2. Blues for Salvador
  3. Aqua Marine
  4. Bella
  5. The River
  6. I'll Be Waiting
  7. Love Is You
  8. Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)
  9. Move On
  10. Somewhere in Heaven
  11. Open Invitation

CD 3[modifier | modifier le code]

  1. All I Ever Wanted
  2. Hannibal
  3. Brightest Star
  4. Wings of Grace
  5. Se Eni a Fe l'Amo-Kere Kere
  6. Mudbone
  7. The Healer (w/John Lee Hooker)
  8. Chill Out (Things Gonna Change) (w/John Lee Hooker)
  9. Sweet Black Cherry Pie (Outtake w/Larry Graham)
  10. Every Now and Then (w/Vernon Reid)
  11. This Is This (w/ Weather Report)