Convention de Lunebourg

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Le maréchal Montgomery accueille la délégation allemande (de gauche à droite: l'amiral von Friedeburg, le général Kinzel et le contre-amiral Wagner)
Montgomery lit les termes de la reddition allemande, sous le regard du contre-amiral Wagner et de l'amiral von Friedeburg.

La convention de Lunebourg est le nom couramment donné en français à la capitulation sans conditions des troupes allemandes du Nord-Ouest de l'Allemagne, des Pays-Bas et du Danemark. Elle fut signée le sous une tente de l'état-major du maréchal britannique Bernard Montgomery dans la lande de Lunebourg dans le Nord-Ouest de l'Allemagne, à quelques dizaines de kilomètres au sud de Hambourg.

Acte de capitulation[modifier | modifier le code]

L'acte de capitulation était rédigé en anglais et en allemand, la version anglaise faisant foi.

1. The German Command agrees to the surrender of all German armed forces in HOLLAND, in northwest GERMANY including the FRISIAN ISLANDS and HELIGOLAND and all other islands. In SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN and in DENMARK, to the C-in-C. 21st Army Group. This is to include all naval ships in the areas. These forces to lay down their arms and to surrender unconditionally.

2. All hostilities on land, on sea, or in the air by German forces in the above areas to cease at 0800hrs. British Double Summer Time on Saturday 5 May 1945.

3. The German command to carry out at once, and without argument or comment, all further orders that will be issued by the Allied Powers on any subject.

4. Disobedience of orders, or failure to comply with them, will be regarded as a breach of these surrender terms and will be dealt with by the Allied Powers in accordance with the accepted laws and usages of war.

5. This instrument of surrender is independent of, without prejudice to, and will be superseded by any general instrument of surrender imposed by or on behalf of the Allied Powers and applicable to Germany and the German armed forces as a whole.

6. This instrument of surrender is written in English and in German. English version is the authentic text.

7. The decision of the Allied Powers will be the final if any doubt or dispute arises as to the meaning or interpretation of the surrender terms.

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