BBC Sessions 1964-1977

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BBC Sessions 1964-1977
Live de The Kinks
Enregistré 1964-1977
Genre Rock
Label Sanctuary

Albums de The Kinks

BBC Sessions 1964-1977 est un album des Kinks sorti en 2001. Comme son titre l'indique, il reprend le contenu de sessions d'enregistrement pour la BBC ayant eu lieu entre 1964 et 1977.

Titres[modifier | modifier le code]

Disque 1[modifier | modifier le code]

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1. Interview
2. You Really Got Me
3. Interview
4. Cadillac
5. All Day and All of the Night
6. Tired of Waiting for You
7. Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy
8. See My Friends
9. This Strange Effect
10. Milk Cow Blues
11. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
12. Till the End of the Day
13. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
14. Death of a Clown (Dave Davies)
15. Love Me Till the Sun Shines (Dave Davies)
16. Harry Rag
17. Good Luck Charm
18. Waterloo Sunset
19. Monica
20. Days
21. The Village Green Preservation Society

Disque 2[modifier | modifier le code]

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1. Mindless Child of Motherhood (Dave Davies)
2. Holiday
3. Demolition
4. Victoria
5. Here Comes Yet Another Day
6. Money Talks
7. Mirror of Love
8. Celluloid Heroes
9. Skin and Bone
10. Get Back in Line
11. Did You See His Name?
12. When I Turn Off the Living Room Light
13. Skin and Bone
14. Money Talks

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