Anniversary - 10 Years of Hits

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Anniversary - 10 Years of Hits
Compilation de George Jones
Sortie 30 octobre 1982
Enregistré 1972-1982
Durée 61:53
Genre Country
Producteur Billy Sherrill
Label Epic Records

Albums de George Jones

Anniversary - 10 Years of Hits est une compilation de l'artiste américain de musique country George Jones. Cet album est sorti en 1982 sur le label Epic Records. L'album est disque d'or en 1989. Il a été réédité en CD en 1990.

Liste des pistes[modifier | modifier le code]

No Titre Auteur(s) Durée
1. We Can Make It Sherrill, Sutton 2:03
2. Loving You Could Never Be Better Belew, Montgomery, Montgomery 3:05
3. A Picture of Me (Without You) Richey, Wilson 2:32
4. What My Woman Can't Do Jones, Montgomery, Sherrill 2:35
5. Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half as Bad as Losing You) Braddock 2:19
6. Once You've Had the Best Paycheck 2:38
7. Her Name Is... Braddock 2:17
8. Old King Kong 2:18
9. Bartender's Blues Taylor 3:45
10. I'll Just Take It Out in Love McDill 3:09
11. Someday My Day Will Come Montgomery 2:32
12. The Grand Tour Richey, Taylor, Wilson 3:05
13. The Door Sherrill, Wilson 2:42
14. These Days (I Barely Get By) Jones, Wynette 3:01
15. Memories of Us Kirby, Martin 3:14
16. The Battle Colcord, Kimball, Richey, Wilson 2:45
17. He Stopped Loving Her Today Braddock, Putman 3:15
18. I'm Not Ready Yet Hall 2:58
19. If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will) Beresford, Sanders, Sanders 3:10
20. Good Ones and Bad Ones Chambers 2:46
21. Still Doin' Time Moffatt 2:50
22. Same Ole Me Overstreet 2:54

Positions dans les charts[modifier | modifier le code]

Album - Billboard (Amérique du nord)

Année Chart Position
1983 Albums country 16

Single - Billboard (Amérique du nord)

Année Single Chart Position
1972 We Can Make It Singles country 6
1974 Once You've Had The Best Singles country 3
1975 Memories Of Us Singles country 21
1975 These Days (I Barely Get By) Singles country 10
1977 Old King Kong Singles country 34
1979 Someday My Day Will Come Singles country 22
1982 Same Ole Me Singles country 5