15e cérémonie des Hong Kong Film Awards

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La 15e cérémonie des Hong Kong Film Awards a eu lieu en 1996. Les gagnants sont en gras.

Palmarès[modifier | modifier le code]

Meilleur film[modifier | modifier le code]

Meilleur réalisateur[modifier | modifier le code]

Meilleur acteur[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Roy Chiao (Summer Snow)
    • Andy Lau Tak-Wah (Full Throttle)
    • Stephen Chow Sing-Chi (A Chinese Odyssey Part 2: Cinderella)
    • Chow Yun-Fat (Peace Hotel)
    • Jackie Chan (Rumble in the Bronx)

Meilleure actrice[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Josephine Siao Fong-Fong (Summer Snow)
    • Fung Bo-Bo (Mother of A Different Kind)
    • Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching (I'm Your Birthday Cake)
    • Cecilia Yip Tung (Peace Hotel)
    • Anita Mui Yim-Fong (Rumble in the Bronx)

Meilleur acteur dans un second rôle[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Law Kar-Ying (Summer Snow)
    • Chin Kar-Lok (Full Throttle)
    • Jordan Chan Siu-Chun (Heaven Can't Wait)
    • Eric Kot Man-Fai (Love in the Time of Twilight)
    • Dayo Wong Chi-Wah (The Day that Doesn't Exist)

Meilleure actrice dans un second rôle[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Karen Mok Man-Wai (Fallen Angels)
    • Law Koon-Lan (Summer Snow)
    • Law Koon-Lan (The Umbrella Story)
    • Ha Ping (Full Throttle)
    • Francoise Yip Fong-Wah (Rumble in the Bronx)

Meilleur scénario[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Chan Man-Keung (Summer Snow)
    • Derek Yee Tung-Sing, Law Chi-Leung (Full Throttle)
    • Kei On (A Chinese Odyssey Part 1: Pandora's Box)
    • Kei On (A Chinese Odyssey Part 2: Cinderella)
    • Raymond To Kwok-Wai (The Umbrella Story)

Meilleur nouvel espoir[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Eric Moo Kai-Yin (Those Were the Days…)
    • Kelly Chan Wai-Lam (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
    • Chan Man-Lai (Fallen Angels)
    • Allen Ting Chi-Chun (Summer Snow)
    • Gigi Leung Wing-Kei (Full Throttle)
    • Francoise Yip Fong-Wah (Rumble in the Bronx)

Meilleure photographie[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Christopher Doyle (Fallen Angels)
    • Wong Wing-Hang (Peace Hotel)
    • Peter Pau Tak-Hai (The Phantom Lover)
    • Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai (A Touch of Evil)
    • Andrew Lau Wai-Keung (I'm Your Birthday Cake)

Meilleur montage[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Kwong Chi-Leung (Full Throttle)
    • Cheung Yiu-Chung (Rumble in the Bronx)
    • Wong Yi-Sun (Summer Snow)
    • David Wu Dai-Wai (The Phantom Lover)
    • William Cheung Suk-Ping, Wong Ming-Lam (Fallen Angels)

Meilleure direction artistique[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Eddie Ma Poon-Chiu (The Phantom Lover)
    • Yee Chung-Man, Yau Wai-Ming (Peace Hotel)
    • William Cheung Suk-Ping (Fallen Angels)
    • Wong Yan-Kwai (Summer Snow)
    • Eddie Ma Poon-Chiu (The Christ of Nanjing)

Meilleurs costumes[modifier | modifier le code]

  • William Cheung Suk-Ping, Yeung Sin-Ling (The Phantom Lover)
    • Ng Lei-Lo (Peace Hotel)
    • William Cheung Suk-Ping (Fallen Angels)
    • William Cheung Suk-Ping (The Blade)
    • Eddie Mok Kwan-Kit (The Christ of Nanjing)

Meilleure chorégraphie d'action[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Stanley Tong Kwai-Lai, Jackie Chan (Rumble in the Bronx)
    • Yuen Bun, Mang Hoi, Stephen Tung Wai (The Blade)
    • Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Sammo Hung's Stuntman Association (Thunderbolt)
    • Corey Yuen Kwai, Yuen Tak (My Father is a Hero)
    • Bruce Law Lai-Yin (Full Throttle)

Meilleure musique de film[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Frankie Chan Fan-Kei, Roel A. Garcia (Fallen Angels)
    • Cacine Wong Ka-Sin, Healthy Poon Kin-Hong (Peace Hotel)
    • Clarence Hui Yuen, Joseph Wong Wai-Nin, Wu Lok-Sing (The Golden Girls)
    • Chris Babida (The Phantom Lover)
    • Wu Wai-Lap, Raymond Wong Ying-Wah (Hong Kong Graffiti)

Meilleure chanson[modifier | modifier le code]

  • "Yuen Chuen Yan Nei" (from Peace Hotel)
  Literally: "Entirely for You"
  Music: Alex San
  Lyrics: Erica Lee Man
  Performer: Cass Phang Ling
    • "Ching Sam Dik Yat Gui" (from Full Throttle)
  Literally: "One Sentence of Deep Love"
  Music: Chan Chi-Hung
  Lyrics: Andy Lau Tak-Wah
  Performer: Andy Lau Tak-Wah
    • "Ye Boon Goh Sing" (from The Phantom Lover)
  Literally: "Midnight Song"
  Music: Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing
  Lyrics: Leslie Mok Yu-Sing
  Performer: Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing
    • "Yat Chit Han Mei, Ji Yan Yau Nei" (from Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
  Literally: "Everything Very Beautiful, Only Because of You"
  Music: Mark Lui Chung-Tak
  Lyrics: Chow Lai-Mau
  Performer: Kelly Chan Wai-Lam
    • "Ji Oi Nei" (from Hong Kong Graffiti)
  Literally: "Only Love You"
  Music: Teddy Robin Kwan
  Lyrics: Erica Lee Man
  Performer: Cheng Ka-Wing