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Hello Taw,

Thanks for coming around. I also hope french and you will be able to work together on that japanese dictionary. Have a good evening.


Hello Taw,

Unfortunately, I don't know polish. I am a student who has studied some Japanese, I can write French, English, Spanish, Dutch. I would be pleased to colaborate on a kind of japaneses dictionnary (grammar, kanji, english-japanese,...)

However, on the French wiki, some people are against dictionaries. I don't know if members of Polish and English wikipedias are also against dictionaries.

By the way, two members of the French wiki lives in Japan (aioneko and erwan) :-)

I will be pleased if I can participate to such a project. Please contact me and give me more information (urls will be fine)

Welcome and have fun on this wiki.

Youssefsan 09:18 nov 18, 2002 (CET)

What is being done on Polish Wikipedia isn't really a dictionary. It's attempt to make as complete description of Japanese language as possible, and that includes a dictionary, but is more concerned about grammar now. There has been some opposition to dictionaries initially, but I think that people who opposed that have been convinced that's it's good idea.

It would be best if all material were translated to some common language (English or Esperanto), but that would require lot of effort. For now, please browse pages linked from http://pl.wikipedia.com/wiki.cgi?J%EAzyk_japo%F1ski to see to what extend does it overlap with your ideas. You should probably be able to understand what is described without knowing ny Polish. Taw 14:36 nov 18, 2002 (CET)

Thing that you may find most useful now is Computer Science terminology dictionary at http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C5%82ownictwo_informatyczne_w_j%C4%99zyku_japo%C5%84skim as for most words English translation has been provided too.

Tell me if you need any help with it. --Taw

Please check: http://wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Japanese_dictionary_coordination