Liste des îles d'Angleterre

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Voici une liste des îles d'Angleterre. L'Île de Man et les îles Anglo-Normandes ne font pas partie de l'Angleterre.

Liste[modifier | modifier le code]

Îles côtières[modifier | modifier le code]

St Martin's, Scilly
St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Name Island Group/Location
Annet Sorlingues
Baker's Island Langstone Harbour
Barrow Island Islands of Furness
Bridgemarsh Island Essex
Brownsea Island Poole Harbour
Bryher Sorlingues
Burgh Island Devon
Îles Burnt Sorlingues
Burntwick Island River Medway
Canvey Island Thames Estuary
Chapel Island Islands of Furness
Cindery Island Essex
Cobmarsh Island Essex
Coquet Island Northumberland
Crow Island Sorlingues
Drake's Island Devon
English Island Sorlingues
Foulness Essex
Foulney Island Islands of Furness
Furzey Island Poole Harbour
Gorregan Sorlingues
Great Arthur Sorlingues
Great Cob Island Essex
Great Ganinick Sorlingues
Great Gannilly Sorlingues
Green Island Isles of Scilly
Guther's Island Sorlingues
Gweal Sorlingues
Havengore Island Essex
Havergate Island Suffolk
Hayling Island Chichester Harbour
Hedge-end Island Essex
Hilbre Island Wirral
Horsea Island Portsmouth Harbour
Horsey Island Essex
Inner Farne Farne Islands
Lindisfarne Northumberland
Little Arthur Sorlingues
Little Ganinick Sorlingues
Little Gannilly Sorlingues
Longships Land's End
Long Island Langstone Harbour
Looe Island Cornwall
Lundy Bristol Channel
Menawethan Sorlingues
Merrick Island Sorlingues
Mersea Island Essex
New England Island Essex
North Binness Island Langstone Harbour
Northey Island Essex
Old Harry Rocks Dorset
Orford Ness Suffolk
Osea Island Essex
Pewit Island Essex
Piel Island Islands of Furness
Pilsey Island Chichester Harbour
Plumb Island Sorlingues
Portsea Island Hampshire
Potton Island Essex
Puffin Island Sorlingues
Reads Island Humber Estuary
Roa Island Islands of Furness
Rosevear Sorlingues
Round Island Sorlingues
Rushley Island Essex
St Agnes Sorlingues
St Helen's Sorlingues
St Martin's Sorlingues
St Mary's Sorlingues
St Michael's Mount Cornwall
Samson Sorlingues
Sheep Island Islands of Furness
Île de Sheppey Thames Estuary
Skipper's Island Essex
South Binness Island Langstone Harbour
Staple Island Farne Islands
Steep Holm Bristol Channel
Stony Island Sorlingues
Tean Sorlingues
Thorney Island Chichester Harbour
Toll's Island Sorlingues
Tresco Sorlingues
Two Tree Island Thames Estuary
Wallasea Island Essex
Walney Island Islands of Furness
Whale Island Portsmouth Harbour
White Island Sorlingues
Île de Wight English Channel

Les îles les plus grandes d'Angleterre[modifier | modifier le code]

L'Ile de Wight
Ile Superficie (km2)
1er Île de Wight 380.99
2e Île de Sheppey 94.04
3e Hayling Island 26.84
4e Foulness 26.84
5e Portsea Island 24.25
6e Canvey Island 18.45
7e Mersea Island 18.04
8e Walney Island 12.99
9e Wallasea Island 10.65